Marselo Betty Releases Latest Album "Betty Experience"

So you are longing for a soul-healing, mind-bending music experience? Be sure to give Marselo Betty a chance!

Marselo Betty belongs to the cultural phenomenon that is shaping our whole generation. His unique music style reflects today’s hip-hop culture, driven by Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, and Gunna. If you have been waiting long for the Trap artist’s new album, you will be glad to know that he has recently dropped one!

The hip-hop artist released his new album ‘Betty Experience’ on May 07, 2022. It features 15 incredible songs by a voice that deepens the spell and puts an inescapable trance. Once you listen to the first song, we are sure you will not stop until the 15th one!

Although Marselo Betty has not been in the music industry for a long time, he has still created a name for himself. He is famous for his independent songs that channel a full vibrant range of every human emotion: from jealousy and passion to sorrow and wrath. If you have ever listened to his work, you would know why music lovers appreciate him so much.

Even his latest album, ‘Betty Experience,’ is an independent work, produced by himself with no outside collaboration. It features a beautiful album art that captures the attention at first glance. However, it is a vague representation of the Trap artist’s work in the recent album.

Marselo Betty has always been vocal about his love for other hip-hop artists, such as Travis Scott, Gunna, and Playboi Carti, who inspired him to step into the music industry.

Talking about his latest release, the artist shared that he slowly crafted this album, which initially began as an EP project. But, down the road, it developed, and he noticed people listening to his work. So, he wrote more songs.

He also shared that after waking up one morning with a melody that transferred from his dream to reality, he created the track ‘LUV u 2 DA Moon’. A shoe delivery during a recording session inspired him to write the song ‘Mailman’!

Whether All Dat Shit, Finally, Tango, Double Dose, Vibe Wit Mi, or Flight Boy High Boi, daily visuals inspired these tracks. The hip-hop artist even said that “Lots of these ideas just came from somewhere outer space.”

If you have been a Marselo Betty fan for a while, you must have listened to his last single, ‘Party 2 Nite’. It is another stunning track with excellent music!

Through his recent album, Marselo wants to create classic hip-hop anthems to stun the music industry and wants his fans to see a more personal side of his music. He even shared that this release feels like the first ‘real one’ despite having previously recorded Mixtapes.

Since there is nothing this artist can’t turn into inspiration for a song, we look forward to seeing how the rest of his life experiences translate into music! You may listen to his tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud and follow him on social media.

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