Calizoe: The Networking Guru & Entrepreneur


CALIZOE, a marketing guru located in Miami, FL, was born in Haiti and raised in California. Hence, the name CALIZOE; Cali for the state of California and Zoe which means Haitian. He has become well known for his dynamic tactics pertaining to public relations, marketing, and instagram account recovery. Clients within a plethora of industries know who to call for all of the promotional needs in regard to social media and beyond. 

Not only does this promo genius know how to market his clients, he is also the creator of his high end fashion goggles which have been seen on the faces of many people including superstar Antonio Brown and others. The goggles have become CALIZOE’s signature mark and you have most likely seen him and his goggles in a variety of clubs in Miami such as, Llv, E11even, Boobytrap, and more. 

As CALIZOE continues to work diligently to help his clients, be sure to follow him and reach out to him for all of your promo and marketing needs. He is the go-to industry professional that everyone is talking about!



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