Mason & Julez Are Taking Their Talents Further Than Tik Tok With The Reveal Of 'Going On 21'

Tik Tok’s viral sensation, Mason & Julez, released their new project titled Going On 21. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the brother duo pride themselves in being musicians, encompassing everything from singing to songwriting to producing.The two conjoin forces to create the most heartfelt music possible, as they continue to gain fans on the daily.

With Mason handling more of the vocals, and Julez being more of the wordplay expert, the duo are excited as ever to be living in sunny Los Angeles. First exploding onto the scene from posting covers on Youtube to doing pop-up performances at their high school, both teenagers prove they’re far more than just TikTokers, they’re recording artists in their own right.

Passion”& “Playlist” serves as one of the singles from the duo’s album titled Going on 21, in which they wrote and produced each record.

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