SMOKESTKZ Captivating Listeners With Latest EP, ‘Nobody Safe’.

Dallas Hip-hop Artist, SmokeSTKZ Captivating Listeners With Latest Banger Nobody Safe

Dallas-based hip-hop artist, SMOKESTKZ has always kept his audience entertained and thrilled with his music. In his latest EP, “Nobody Safe,” SMOKESTKZ delighted his fans with his carefree flow and effortless vibes, and after seeing it, we will not be wrong to say that the artist caused the temperatures to soar!

SMOKESTKZ is known for his upfront and clean rapping styles, and his recent music video is a brilliant combination of his talent for musical arrangement. The rapper has stamped his authority in the music world with sublime touches that have struck a chord with the audience.

Nobody Safe is an effortless and wholesome EP, inspired by the trials and tribulations of his life and the loss of his friends and family members. This latest rap music has aroused emotions and created a buzz among the listeners. People find the music video fascinating as it has dope energy vibes with a few touches of smooth rap lyrics.

This gritty rap art is dedicated to his brother diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth and is still fighting for his life. Talking about his new music, SMOKESTKZ shared that he lives the share of his brother’s life, and Nobody Safe embodies it.

Talking about Nobody Safe, SMOKESTKZ shared he hopes people would enjoy listening to it as much as he and his team loved creating it. Maybe because he’s one of those rare artists who can explore the mountain of human emotions with tender artistry and seek answers to questions we don’t dare to ask about life, his music is loved worldwide.

Since 2012, SMOKESTKZ has been making a name for himself by consistently dropping singles. Besides Nobody Safe, he has created Plug Mi Amor, Crime Pays, JUUG, and Blue Faces. Since he was little, the artist created music inspired by his father, who played the piano.

SMOKESTKZ went on a musical hiatus for two years in the Texas Department of Corrections before being released. Following this incident, he decided to put all his efforts into music. Since then, he’s been making headlines with engaging rap vibes with a personal touch and a natural rasp!

He reunited with producer, HussOnTheBeat to record tracks with a spectacular schedule of hip-hop icons featuring Slim Thug, C. Struggs, Kevin Gates, Mr. Lee, and more. The artist cites that music helped him get through life’s most challenging moments and turn the circumstances around.

The rapper might release a few singles in the coming months for all the music fans out there. And maybe, we’d get to see SMOKESTKZ collaborate with artists like Future one Fssho, Maxo Kream, Sauce Walka, Doe Boy, and Kodak Black someday.

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