Vukac MC Is All Set With The Latest Single 'I Step on the Gas' Featuring Bronx Rapper SamGotDI

Here we have a new single titled 'I Step on the Gas' released by Vukac MC, which also featured another artist, famous as Bronx Rapper SamGotDI (El Gran Matador 'Ole Ole Ole'). These two singers and rappers collaborated with NT Beats to produce this mega-hit record.

These artists disclosed this song to the public on the eve of Christmas. 'I Step on the Gas' is an attitude-rich song that shows one's personality. Even if you listen to this song only once, you can still remember it because of the punch verses, strong hook, and a robust trap sound.

To give an ideal rhythm and beats that go well with the lyrics, Vukac MC sought help from NT Beats to create a spectacular vibe for the song. The song has modern lyricism with total attitude words, and you can feel it throughout the lyrics.

Get To Know More About Vukac MC

Vukac MC was born and brought up in Macedonia. However, he is currently living in the states. He is a singer, a rising rapper, and well-versed in playing Clarinet. When he was a child, Vukac MC fell for and had a great interest in Hip Hop culture. Since then, he never once looked back.

Vukac MC is a great enthusiast of Eminem and 50 Cent. So in 2004, he began composing music and recorded them on an old cassette tape. 'Srce vo peta' is the first hit studio record produced by Vukac MC. In Macedonia, it became a hit, which gave him plenty of TV chances. In addition to that, he even got a space in the list of Macedonian Idol.

Even though he got a bit of success, the essence of the music industry in Macedonia inferred that he still needed to do day jobs to keep himself floating or live without any difficulty. Later on, he met producer Nikola Tefov, popularly known as NT Beats. After meeting NT Beats, they became a duo with robust partnership and understanding, which helped them produce and deliver songs jointly.

As mentioned earlier, the latest single, 'I Step on the Gas,' is an attitude and personality song. You can enjoy listening to this song as it talks about various scenarios.

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