Alchemist Teearns Releases Debut Album "Oopsie"

In recent times, Alchemist Teearns released her debut album. She is a new artist and entered the vast music industry with her incredible debut album "Oopsie." This eight-track album is a genuine vision. It briefly describes what Alchemist Teearns flow is all about.

The "Oopsie" album is known for its vulnerable and open lyricism that might surprise everyone, including those who are dear to her. After stepping out of a long-term relationship, Alchemist Teearns started composing this album.

The primary reason for writing the album is that Alchemist Teearns felt completely lost. She made a vow to herself that she would never allow the same thing to repeat. In addition to that, she fulfilled her promise throughout the composing and recording procedure of her debut album "Oopsie."

As stated previously, "Oopsie" is a feel-good album that can touch the hearts of many people. You will notice a loaded musical drum beat supported by a soft synth when you stream the album.

Get To Know About Alchemist Teearns

Alchemist Teearns grew up in a musical household. Due to that, she feels at ease having a microphone in her hand any time. Even when she was attending school, Alchemist Teearns started composing her lyrics. In addition to that, she has been rapping since her school days.

Alchemist Teearns is attracting influence from the likings of Summer Walker, SZA, IAMDDB, and H.E.R. She characterizes her tone as mellow hip-hop and R&B. Even though she is a rising star. Alchemist Teearns has established her record label. It is also a streetwear brand, which is called Street Disciples.

Under her label, her debut album "Oopsie" was released to the public. Besides being a singer and musician, Alchemist Teearns is also an entrepreneur, life coach, NLP practitioner, and author. She is the founder and CEO of Street disciples ltd, Record Label Streetwear & Self Development, and others.

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