Huligan Releases New Single ‘Partying’ F/ Kayotic & Thabby

Huligan releases new single ‘Partying’

Recently, Hooligan released his new single, "Partying," which has a unique vibe. The rapper made this single after thinking about creative ideas, which is always an extra charm in all of his songs. "Partying" song has a perfect beat and rhythm that goes well with the lyrics and message the rapper wants to convey. This song comes under the rap and hip-hop genres.

However, it is an excellent song for listeners who generally have a personal liking for music regardless of the genre. While listening to the song, you can understand how much effort Huligan has put together to make this masterpiece. The concept of the "Partying" song is about Huligan hosting a party that felt like a fun time in this challenging year.

"Partying" has the potential to capture your heart, and you might add this song into your daily playlist if you enjoy listening to fun, cheerful, and crowd-vibing songs. It is a mix of rap and hip hop genres with the manly and euphonious voice of Huligan.

Get To Know About Huligan

Huligan is a rapper and Hip Hop artist from Pretoria, Polokwane, and Venda. His approach was never simple, and the hip-hop artist always creates music that delivers a unique message to the listeners. Being a rising South African rapper, Huligan took the first step of his career by starting with house production.

The musician has made himself an artist who always introduces something modern and a new concept in every track. Over time, he also got into the hip-hop genre and began creating rap and hip-hop fusion compositions. However, all his fans like about Huligan is his honesty in lyricism which adapts well with the melody.

Huligan is one of the best down-to-earth artists we have today. He promises to continue making songs that can reach every corner and give an excellent message to listeners from everywhere. Moreover, the artist has a matter-of-fact attitude, making him one of the best upcoming artists on the come up.

Start Listening To The Latest Single Now!

Start streaming the "Partying" song today. The overriding theme emphasizes a balance of everything in your life. "Partying" song will make you sing along even if you do know the lyrics because it is a song with the best beats. When asked about composing this song, Huligan further stated that he craved to make a single that is quite different from the remaining songs of his upcoming album. "Partying" is about an enhanced capacity to transmit a message with a different voice.

Stream "Partying" then, go to streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube Music and start listening to this song. You can extend your support to Huligan on social media platforms. He is often active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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