Yung Tzee Releases Latest Album "Selfless II: Tales"

Selfless II: Tales
Yung Tzee is a rising talent in the music industry. However, he is not someone who started his career at an adult age. Instead, he was only 16 years old when he began to create music as a passion. However, as a young artist, he has influenced y the machine gun Kelly, juice WRLD, and the kid LAROI.

When Yung Tzee started his career with Blxody, they both developed exceptional artistic skills together. They have been very consistent with their releases in a unique way since the debut of Yung Tzee in 2020. With each new release, the artist improved himself as a music artist.

This time Yung Tzee came up with the second version of his debut EP released in 2020. The name of the new album is “Selfless II: Tales.” This album came as a second version or a follow-up of the previous one.

It has a total of 10 songs including “Can’t Get Along”, “Behind The Scenes”, “Space Jam!”, “Toy Story", "F*CK You, Next", "Superpowers”, “Rat race”, “Martian”, “Stuck 4 Lif3”, and “Need 2 Be”.

Each of the tracks mentioned above of the album holds a different meaning and music style. There are a few collaborations with fellow artists, which adds more glitter to the released album. Most of the songs are written out as freestyle in the car. They are high vibe songs that are perfect for a day out and a long drive.

The artist not only sings songs but also writes them for his album. Moreover, Blxody assists him as an engineer and producer. The new album “Selfless II: Tales” is spreading its magic over music lovers, and we recommend you listen to it for a better experience. We hope that Yung Tzee will keep making such fantastic tracks and albums to create a compelling fan following in the music industry.

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