Kevl's releases video for latest single & "Poppin"

Kevl's releases video for latest single 'Poppin'

Directed by Hadley Foucher, the video resurrects the chill vibe of the early & the '00s with Kevl's in the center singing the song. The song's central theme is to portray how fake friends surround people, and the song aptly paints it through the basketball court scene where the singer is surrounded by so many friends yet feels at peace about feelings towards everyone.

Although the song is chill and should be on top of your party playlist, the soundtrack also reflects a deeper meaning that everyone should understand sooner than later. It is not about how many friends you surround yourselves with but the quality and purpose they bring to your life. It doesn't matter whether you feel lonely; a thrilled person would know how to make peace with their circumstances and enjoy their company.

The video, which was filmed in Bordeaux, France, reflects how the countryside can make individuals fall in love with themselves without needing anyone at the moment. Poppin' describes a vivid journey of self-expression and finding, wherein the artist prompts the audience to enjoy their own company and live in the moment.

Poppin' is an archival gem that has received stellar reviews from music critics and represents a refreshing and modern take on hip-hop.

More about Kevl's

The artist's story is inspiring, and Poppin' is one of his many magical musical creations that portrays a stellar composition and visualization. Kevl's relentlessly worked with his friends to create this stunning masterpiece and give the world a hip-hop soundtrack that has the potential to become the next party anthem. The soundtrack is just the beginning of an otherwise stellar career that the artist promises with songs such as Poppin'.

Ever since his penchant for music grew, the artist has strived to create songs that make his audience happy. This is because he wants to put only that type of music out in the world that his fans can truly enjoy. Apart from this, Kevl's draws his essential inspiration from 90s rap legend Rakim which also prompted him to structure the soundtrack and its video reminiscent of the talents from the modern era, such as Young Thug and Jay-Z.

An all-star dream team created the video, and if anything we have understood after watching it, Kevl is on his path to stardom like a hurricane, and he will uproot anything that will come his way.

If your playlist is lacking a banger, add the song to it today! If you like Kevl's and don't want to miss any updates on his upcoming releases, follow him on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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