RVChase Releases Latest Single ‘Bitch’

RVChase Releases Latest Single ‘Bitch’
RVChase, one of the most spectacular trap artists, has released his latest single, ‘Bitch.’ With only his second single, RVChase has unlocked a reflective experience for his fans. The artist strives to present a soundtrack deep-rooted in catharsis, joy, freedom, contemplation, and introspection. It has now become an empowering anthem worldwide by bringing a new cohort of beats into the mix.

The central theme of the soundtrack revolves around betrayal and disloyalty. The single implores people not to trust someone blindly or pin your hopes on them as it always ends in disappointment. It would be best to let the people around you prove themselves to you before you put yourself out for them. The soundtrack is based on the artist’s actual life experiences, and the lyrics will prompt you to introspect your relationship with people around you to gauge who is worth keeping and to whom you must say goodbye now!

More About RVChase

The artist hails from Nigeria and has always shown interest in Trap music. ‘Bitch’ is the artist’s second single as he endeavors to pave his way into the industry. Nonetheless, the artist does not leave even a single chance to showcase his talent for music, as is evident with his latest single. The power of lyricism is extraordinary, and the artist plays to his strengths when creating songs.

Regarded as the creator of Soul Trap and Fast Trap, RVChase draws his inspiration from famous artists such as Juice Wrld and claims that his songs have influenced his music. However, in 2020, the artist left Nigeria and moved to Dubai to hone his skills and pursue his dream career in music. Nonetheless, we would say that he is far from chasing his dreams as the singer now has two successful singles under his belt.

Treading through heartbreak and adversity, RVChase knows how to channel his life’s challenges into his creative process to craft a song. He learns, he writes, he sings; that’s the artist’s motto while writing songs, and we think it will take him a long way if he stays true to his art.

Listen to ‘Bitch’ Today

If you think your playlist needs a refresher, it is time to update it with the song of the year by RVChase. You can listen to ‘Bitch’ on all leading music platforms. Streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, and Deezer allow individuals to save a song to their playlist. However, if you are an iTunes or Apple Music user, we have good news for you; the soundtrack is available there too! His also available on Facebook, Instagram

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