Bailey Parker came up with debut EP "See You Soon"

Bailey Parker - 'See You Soon’
Bailey Parker is an emerging artist in the music industry. He belongs to Kansas City. In 2017, started his career by making beats by himself. His passion for making beats led him to create original music. Moreover, he also began to write lyrics and lines for the songs by himself. He became a guitarist by teaching himself for a longer time.

Therefore, we can say that he is gifted with the qualities of an allrounder in the music industry. There are very few music artists who can write their verses, make original music, and perform a song. However, bailey parker is one of those few emerging stars.

His music art is a combination of different genres like hip hop and pop, and rock. Bailey Parker has already influenced the music industry through his catchy flow, exciting original beats, energetic vocals, and impressive performances. In 2021, He also won the award of best songwriter at all Missouri music awards. In addition, he always tries to engage the audience with his unique collaborations.

Bailey Parker came up with something extraordinary. He released his debut album named "SEE YOU SOON," Till now, there are fours singles in the album, including "CASKET," "LIMELIGHT," "JUST VIBE WITH ME," and "down the road." According to Bailey Parker, all these tracks are close to his heart. Both the opening singles limelight and casket portray a very energetic vibe. This project shows how passionate and hardworking for his music career.

When we listen to the track's lyrics, "down the road," we get a vibe and feel of a homeless man. He wrote this track after feeling pitiful and real-life experience in such a beautiful manner that it touches straight to the heart. The tempo and music provided good support to the heart-touching lyrics.

With this extraordinary performance by Bailey Parker in his debut album, we believe that the music artist will never fail to impress us in the future. We hope that he will continue making such energetic and meaningful tracks to entertain all the music lovers. This debut would surely win the hearts of the listeners.

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