The 1500 Movement Prepares to Host Charity Event in Scranton, PA


Team Sal fell in love with Hip Hop at a young age and made a name for himself throughout his community. Becoming known as one of the best battle rappers in Scranton, PA, helped catapult his desire to become an entrepreneur and assist the community in any way possible. Team Sal reminisced about the past. “Back then, I had a whole different sound. I was more rugged. But life experiences transformed me into a more versatile artist.” Like most artists, life experiences helped mold him into the best version of himself. From the age of nine to the present time, Team Sal fully embodies the hip-hop culture.

Last year teams lost 100% vision leaving him completely blind. But, instead of giving up, he became more substantial and more focused. Developing the “1500” movement with his brother Flee assisted other artists around the area in obtaining a voice in the music scene. “1500” was named after the block they all grew up on in East Scranton, PA. 

“Welcome to 1500”, a mixtape, was released in September of last year and sent shockwaves through the city. “Don’t Leave Me Out” was a single TeamSal released, which featured 10k, a well-known rapper. Meels Millie, Kapo, Henny Black, and Darlito are all members of 1500 and work together like a well-oiled machine. 

On August 28th, TeamSal and the team 1500 will be hosting the “1500 Warriors Scranton Giveaway Charity Bash”. Working with prominent voices in the community, TeamSal put this event together to give back to the community that looks to him for inspiration. As a blind rapper, TeamSal walks without a cane and commands his whole movement. He has performed at venues such as Encore in Wilkes-Barre, PA, the Father’s Day Festival, to name a few. 

Be sure to come out on August 28th for a great cause. Follow TeamSal and the 1500 movement! Don’t forget to stream his music and follow him for the remainder of his music journey. He will undoubtedly touch your heart with his music and story!

By: Julz Mancini



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