Jiwhan Kim is an emerging rapper and producer whose production style is unique. He is just 18 years old, but he has shown proven abilities in hip hop. His an Atlanta-based music producer and rapper who uses heavy bass and beat drops in his unique music. Jiwhan has made remarkable influence over the rap industry through his previous releases, including “Medicare” and “last truce.” with each new release, he takes his place in the music industry and the hearts of music lovers. He proves his ability every time with unique lyrics and song ideas.

This time jiwhan Kim came up with a new release in collaboration with Caleb Joyce, better known by dubbygotbars. His new music release is a new idea with the title “Kobe the legend.” This work was released on August 20, 2021. This song was produced to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, a hard-working and successful basketball player. He dedicated this song to Kobe Bryant as the greatest basketball player (GOAT). His heavy bass and beat drops portray the passion and strength of Kobe Byant very beautifully. As a legendary player, Kobe Bryant won NBA All-Star Game MVP awards four times and won the title of NBA scoring champion two times. In addition, he won league MVP in 2008 as a great basketball player.

The song begins with the long chorus “mamba snakes, ain’t no other variant,” sung by dubbygotbars and the rap verses in the middle of the song sung by him. However, Jiwhan Kim added a little spark to the song through his tremendous high rap essence. The song’s overall theme is based on a high combination of these talented music artists. The song’s tempo is a bit high, making it ideal for listening to every place to get a Kobe anthem vibe. You can enjoy it while driving your car and, in the gathering of friends while you are debating about who the best player ever is.

We hope that this new release of Jiwhan Kim will become a heavy hit in the music industry, and his fans and followers will love it. Like every previous release, jiwhan Kim will remarkably influence the music industry with this new song. We recommend to all music lovers that they should listen to it and we hope that they will love it. We appreciate the work of jiwhan Kim and hope that he will come up with other unique releases in the future.

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