Seven Incredible Striking Ways Of Music Marketing 2021

If you are a creative musician and want to be in the industry, you have music and projects ready to go. But you need the

best marketing strategies to make it happen in 2021.

1. Email marketing
2. Social media advertising
3. Content marketing
4. Going live
5. Social media algorithms
6. Releasing music on Tiktok
7. Building a website

Email marketing 

Email marketing, specifically email music marketing, remains a champion of the marketing industry. It allows Solo artists, business companies, promoters to directly access and speak to their audiences.

It’s vital that you opt for it and build on your email list regularly and utilize companies like MailChimp to send out authentic professional emails to have various people on your list.

Social media advertising is on a vast scale. It has more platforms and many ways to utilize these platforms. For example, Instagram provides many mini platforms like living, IGTV, and videos. And same on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s good to make some space on social media before going for social media advertising. Many platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (Google ads), Tiktok. Basically, Instagram and Facebook are pretty similar as one who owns Facebook also has Instagram. Although they are different, they link to a similar audience. But not all Instagram users are Facebook users, or Facebook users are Instagram users. But as a musician, you should have a presence on both platforms. On Instagram, there are advertising posts and advertising within stories when it comes to social media marketing. Facebook also has an ads manager that creates responsive ads and delivers ads through Facebook, shared on Instagram. It is actually way more effective to promote and pay for responsive ads on Facebook than the responsive post on Instagram. But, as on Facebook ads manager, there are many more new ways to reach your audience on Facebook. Twitter is a platform that is entirely ignored. Twitter provides an opportunity to promote your tweets with a minimum of 50 pounds, which goes into around 500 pounds. It also offers rough estimations of what you get in the sense of engagement or reach. And give further options to expand your reach. YouTube Google ads are one of the leading social media advertising platforms. First, make sure you have a Google account that access YouTube, Gmail, or Google services. From that, you could create an effective ad on YouTube Google ads to get subscribers and expand your reach to the maximum audience.

There are three stages of content marketing to promote your content effectively:

The first step is to have a song, video, or mixtape albums to share with people. Then, you would tell people what you will do and what people like you to do. Whether through prompting the ideas on your stories, Snapchat, Facebook post, or Twitter.

The second step is telling the people you will do this by showcasing some promos or small videos or going live. What you will do and how you are doing by updating people through social media sites. Try to start involving people in your upcoming project by sharing your ideas and receiving their ideas too. Finally, you will showcase your upcoming project through visual evidence like posting your rehearsal videos in the studio. 

The third and final stage is promoting that content by posting some stories like this music will be out in a week. So go check out our new music collection. Do you like it or not? Etc. All these steps would help you to promote your work which you have done by protecting it from people through social media channels.

Going live

The idea of live streaming yourself has become a norm during quarantine. It became an event or an outlet and the only way to promote or share an art. Since 2020, the idea of going live has gained much significance through Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google, and Twitter. 

People used them for creating their careers through live streaming music, conversations, chat shows, performing, game shows, etc. They allowed people to watch them playing games, doing something creative or productive, which helps create a community.

Twitch is a great place to build a like-minded community when we talk about community. Instagram live also helps build a community through planned, random, or structured lives. Among them, Facebook live is more or less the best of both worlds.

Besides these platforms, you can also come live on TikTok as long as you have 1000 followers. In the year 2021, going live would be even more critical for:

• Connecting with your community
• Building a new support system
• Sharing knowledge
• Sharing your personality
• Sharing your music and work

Remember, Big festivals in 2021, and big award shows have to take virtual production to keep up with reality. So to create your community on these platforms but be aware of all guidelines and rules of these platforms.

Understanding the algorithms

As twitter likes to text, so utilize the idea of great conversation and interactivity, liking, sharing, and retweeting. So to use the concept and persuade people to do the same. Keep in mind that if you promote something on Twitter, it should be in the text.

Like most apps, Twitter will prefer you to stay on the app and share links related to Twitter, not another app; otherwise, Twitter will lower your interactivity level if you share links.

When we talk about Instagram, there is no need to share any content outside Instagram in the link other than the link in the bio. Instagram likes video content. It’s a law of directional conversation; tell people what you post with a link in your bio. But if you have 10,000 followers within the stories, you use a swipe of function and get people to swipe up on your stories.

For helping the algorithm, you can utilize Instagram’s various features and functions, like reels, IGTV, lives, stories, tags, locations, stickers, questions, polls, etc. Anything that can allow people to stay on your story for longer. It’s about watching time and retention—Post good, interactive, engaging content that would help you win this game. 

It is necessary to create a Facebook group and bring together people of your interest to share the information you want to promote but don’t overuse it; otherwise, people would be fed and left. The critical thing is to post natively on Facebook, keep up the discussions, post photos and videos directly on Facebook.

Releasing music on Tiktok 

Tiktok has revolutionized the way artists, musicians, content creators, and labels grow in the music industry. For the year 2021, as we continue to be at home, the creativity on TikTok, like dance videos, challenges, educational videos, will continue to flourish on TikTok.

The TikTok community is expanding more and more each day, and it’s never too late to join the wave. The end should be to be creative and understand the culture of TikTok like any other platform. 

Tiktok rewards its consumers with engagements, views, followers. The more you utilize the app, the more you grow. The videos of many artists went viral in 2020, so make sure your music is available on TikTok so that you or any of the artists can go viral eventually through TikTok videos.

You can release your music on TikTok so that people can use it in their videos and potentially get your fanbase; your subscribers will grow and bloom.

You need about a 4 to 8 weeks window before the actual release date when you release music. After that, try to submit it to a distributor like ditto music and a place like Spotify for artists to recognize it and get an opportunity to add it into a playlist where your music would flourish.

Building a website 

The most valuable tip is to make a website for your content, and creating a website needs a little more effort as people don’t know about it. There are various website builders like Wix, Google sites, word press, Square space, but keep in mind you should do your research and watch how the infrastructure and the body in different places change and what change you should bring like-minded people accordingly.


So this article touched on email marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, going live, and the algorithm revolving around social media. All these ways or tactics would benefit you to promote your music in the year 2021.

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