Hasko Montana Unleashes "Another Thousand" With More Music On the Way

By: Julz Mancini

Hasko Montana, a talented artist from Talladega, Alabama, has been passionate about music since the early age of six years old. With a supportive household, he could flourish as a creative individual. Unfortunately, no matter what type of household people are raised in, the harsh realities of life still knock on our door from time to time. Hasko utilized his experiences to make music through the good and the bad. 

As Hasko transitioned into adolescence, he became familiar with street life, bringing a new dynamic to his creative ability. It was not long before he was discovered by the CEO of Bout Dat Life Music Group, Cross Amillion. Soon after, Hasko began to blossom as the anchor artist for the company. 

Since then has had the opportunity to work with top Alabama producer Karltin Bankz. While working with him, Hasko was able to bring continuous and unique content to his fans. In addition, he is known for his energetic and mesmerizing stage presence, where he leaves the audience yearning for more. 

“Another Thousand” is one of Hasko Montana’s most recent singles, and his supporters love it. Since its debut, it has been streamed well over thirteen thousand times. Hasko has made it evident that he is here to stay and plans to continue the climb in the music industry. Be sure to follow Hasko on Instagram and stream his music by clicking the links below!




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