“Why Feelings” Music Video Released by Ahlay And Nuvegas

Ahlay and Nu Vegas, both siblings, started their music career at an early age of only 12 years and have had a remarkable influence over the music industry since they joined it. Ahlay and Nu Vegas have worked within various music genres like Alternative rockandR&B, hip hop, and indie. These musicians have rocked the music industry separately, but they are amazing when they create collaborative projects. They have recently collaborated to make their new music album with the title ”asylum.” It has two songs, including “hey” and “tied down.”


Their natural chemistry as siblings proved to be something special If we talk about their new music video for “why feelings” This song is a smooth and unbeatable combination of trap banger and RnB, which makes it quite similar to the works of famous modern artists like Joey Bada$$ and Travis Scott.

Ahlay and Nu Vegas always make sure that their tracks create an excellent vibe beat and portray some moral lesson or message to the listeners.

Ah’lay and Nu Vega - Asylum

The song's tempo is normal, but the overall combination of RnB and trap banger makes it an intense and incredible number among new songs of emerging artists. This single is a marvelous addition to their debut album named “asylum”. Moreover, they proved their wide range of abilities and skills by releasing “why feelings” and this would surely be their step forward to dominate the hip-hop music industry in the coming days.

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