Okayyy Bee Releases Latest Album Beegr8

Okayyy Bee Releases Latest Album 'Beegr8'

Energetic, fresh, and authentic, Okayyy Bee has come up with his latest album, 'BeeGr8.' The title itself suggests an abundance of creating self-confidence and dealing with loss. The album is dedicated entirely to Okayyy Bees' father, who sadly passed away due to Covid-19.

The entire process of making and recording this album started in 2020, with collaborations from artists such as 856survivor, J0urn3y, and Les Simple - all good friends of Okayyy Bee. Okayyy Bee has given several interviews where he has made it known that he likes making music with friends and people he is close with as it adds emotional value to his work.

Okayyy Bee has taken over New Jersey as the new and upcoming melodic-trap artist. The talented and intelligent rapper, singer, and songwriter has grabbed attention quickly from some major labels and audiences in a short period since his musical journey started in 2016.

After that, he has grown to become a household name for trap and Hip-Hop music, releasing three studio albums at that time. Music has taken him all around the globe, i.e., European countries like Germany, Hungary, and Austria. His goal is to make meaningful songs while reaching all kinds of audiences and spreading great energy into the world.

More About Okayyy Bee 

Before Okayyy Bee dropped out of college in 2014, he wanted to declare his major in music production even though he had never done it before. He talked to his friends about the major, and they told him that he wouldn't make any real money in it, so he let them talk him out of it.

Okayyy Bee was really into athletics growing up. The singer thought he would pursue a career in football until he left school, but then he began personal training and thought that could be it. So you could say that the artist was happy, but he was not entirely satisfied with his life. As a result, Okayyy Bee started probing into music again, and this time for real.

When he came home, his cousin let him borrow his laptop with Garageband pre-installed, and the singer started playing around with it. Fast forward five years, and he's making music full-time. It is remarkably crazy how the universe works because the world has now been endowed with Okayyy Bees' intelligent and extraordinary music.

Making music is incredibly seamless for Okayyy Bee. Maybe it is because of how naturally music comes to him that he spreads positivity in the harshest of times. Okayyy Bee is entirely invested in crafting his songs. And it is his creative freedom that lets him spice his work with authenticity and uniqueness.

Catch His Latest Album! 

Okayyy Bee believes in carpe diem and wants his audience to hustle for the things they believe in. This particular album depicts a plethora of emotions for the rapper. It is a moment of loss which the rapper has utilized with beauty. His tracks, spectacularly flush with soothing vocals and untamed percussions, are garnering applauses across the world.

Give It A Listen Today.

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