Rapper Willy J Peso Releases His Album "Planet Peso"

Rapper Willy J Peso Releases His Album 'Planet Peso'

Star performer and rapper Willy J Peso has released his new album ‘Planet Peso,’ and yes, we cannot keep calm. A forthcoming album that features metaphorically charged lyrics while embracing emotional extremities is what is on the menu today. Written and produced by Willy J Peso, the album is a beacon of strength for everyone. Been in the industry for nine long years, the artist is consistent with churning out versatile tunes and lyrics that will hit you right in the spot.

‘Planet Peso’ features old-school-inspired beats with soundtracks that will knock your socks off. The emotional intimacy of the album wraps perfectly with the themes of phony people and finding your misfit self in this cruel and unforgiving world. The artist wants to represent fans with his music and, as a result, whips up beats that you could play at a party or on lonely nights alike.

With more than eight full-length projects, the artist has been reinventing himself, trying to be more natural with the genre. Willy J Peso’s creative process entails picking his brain for music and lyrics incessantly until he comes up with something fans can relate to. It’s hard creating music that would hit the “relatable” chord in your brain. However, Willy J Peso has been doing that for years and would continue to do so as long as his fans are showering him with love.

More About Willy J Peso

Rapper Willy J Peso Releases His Album 'Planet Peso'
Born and raised in Detroit, the city that inspires new talent, Willy J Peso is a multi-instrumentalist who became involved with music at a very young age. The artist has been standing firm in the industry for nine years, producing versatile albums and soundtracks for his fans. The singer/songwriter has hit various milestones, including being selected as an SXSW Official Artist in 2020 and Canadian Music Week in 2016.

Apart from this, if you are familiar with his feats, you would know that he headlined a tour in 2018 with Devin the Dude in over 40 cities, making a name for himself as a prominent artist. Willy J Peso has also collaborated with several famous artists such as Styles P, Neisha Neshae, and now Yukmouth. However, all these achievements combined do not remotely describe the artist’s talent accurately.

Listen to “Planet Peso’ Today!

Willy J Peso is pulling all the stops for his inevitable grand rise to rap royalty. After beginning his career in 2010, you can say that he is flush with experience and talent alike. With ‘Planet Peso,’ the rapper has created a masterpiece that will continue to steal the show for a lifetime. Therefore, hop on in to get the best of music and get ready to add a banger to your playlist.

You can stream the album on all leading music platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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