Rapper Camilla releases latest single "Fraud" [Video]

Rapper Camilla releases latest single 'Fraud' [Video]

Singer/songwriter Camilla has released a spectacular video for her single, 'Fraud' The lyrics give a new definition to the meaning of loyalty and trust. They are intense, and the single portrays the undue advantages people take in the name of love and the materialism that palpates in the world. You can experience themes of melancholy yet unabashed angst that the singer has tried to channelize through her art.

Emotive, attention-grabbing, and yet vibrantly catchy, this single is a subtle nudge for the audience that Camilla’s story is far from over. She will be hustling to get herself to the top, and nothing can get in her way to rising from the ashes. She is a phoenix who draws extensively from Hip-Hop and RnB. Inspired by the works of Lil Uzi Vert and Juice WRLD, Camilla is definitely on her way to the top of the billboard charts.

Her taste is present and reflected in her current work. Her single, ‘Fraud,’ is a deliberately dry narrative tale to explicitly explain exactly how it feels to be betrayed in love. Camilla’s past relationship experiences are mirrored in this song. It is evident because the single is flooding with thoughts of trust issues and being left to fend for herself after being used.

More about Camilla

Rapper Camilla releases latest single 'Fraud' [Video]
Born and raised in Chicago, Camilla is inherently creative and talented. Her parents were typically invested in creating art, and so began the artist’s journey. She started finding her true calling by attending open mics and crafting pieces for spoken word poetry. However, subsequently, music grabbed her attention.

Her days of spoken word events are well-reflected in her current work. Her lyrics are clear and poetic, with distinct meanings which combine and attach themselves to an underlying central theme. Camilla started to voice her opinions and emotions using her potential for spoken word poetry at open mic nights organized throughout the city.

She also expressed her life in color through videography after realizing that this was what she really wanted to pursue. Her videos added a relatability factor to the thought behind her songs. As a result, it helped her audience comprehending and staying in touch with Camilla’s art.

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Camilla’s latest single weaves an authentic story and entails spectacular optics that will leave you wanting more. In addition, the video creates relatable visuals which add color to the thought behind Camilla's lyrics. It is a perfect combination, and for a re-emerging artist, it is a remarkable example of how a singer never really stops giving the best that they can. A vibrant and thought-provoking artist with a single deserves a definite watch and listen. This single will put you in a vivid trance and export you to a different world while being in the comfort of your home.

Check out the video of her latest single, ‘Fraud’ on youtube, and let yourself feel the daunting emotions Camilla has tried to portray. You can also follow Camilla on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates about her new upcoming projects.

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