Tonio Hall Pours His Hypnotic Vibes All Over His New Album Over My Feelings


Hailing from Dallas, Texas, the R&B singer-songwriter Tonio Hall has been making headlines with the release of his new album, Over My Feelings, released with SEVEN14 Entertainment. His clarity of vision when it comes to what works and what doesn’t in R&B, paired with his innate performing skills, are some of the ingredients giving this 7-track album a hypnotic feel. His masterful vocal game is surely his most impressive talent, as he captures every nuance and note with indescribable depth and precision. 

He mixes hip-hop and R&B in style, through smooth synths and undeniably catchy hooks, mainly inspired by alternative R&B.

His career started when he began uploading videos on YouTube, mainly covers of popular songs, and was greatly surprised by the wide acclaim it triggered. It’s that first success that got him his first record label deal, and is now a SEVEN14 Entertainment signee.

Tonio Hall’s signature creative vision has brought to life an album, Over My Feelings, filled with laid-back vibes, warm-textured deliveries, and sensuality, set to exponentially increase his following in the coming weeks. 

Tonio Hall: Spotify - YouTube

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