Chicago based, inclusive rapper, Kidd Kenn . Has released a new album known as ‘Problem Child’

Chicago based, inclusive rapper, Kid Kenn (named Dontrell by his parents). Has released A new album known as ‘Problem Child’

Already holding the flag of being the first openly queer rapper in the industry to sign with Island. Records. He now seeks to push his artistic track record even further with his unique style. Chasing his dream of a Nicki Minaj collab, he is climbing the artistic fame ladder interestingly fast. So far, he has amassed some solid numbers in the social media realm. On Instagram, he grew a community of 247k followers, and on Spotify (which tends to serve as a success thermometer with music artists), he rolls with 68k monthly listeners! Nevertheless, Kidd Kenn still has an enormous upside to capture, and his talent, young age, and resonance are playing a key role in achieving worldwide celeb status.

A true celebrity transcends a specific niche. One that is not just labeled as “he's just a rapper” or “only a musician.”

And Kidd Kenn shows clear signs of transcending the rap industry. He stated his mind is also chasing many other realms, from launching his own signature makeup line, being on tv as an icon and even owning a hotel. As for the album, it has an exquisite vibe. And so unique, it is best to see -listen to it for yourself rather than trying to explain it. Something that would make no justice to it. The single is composed of 6 tracks. According to him, the song labeled as “most fun” is Good Day. It certainly has the beats to cheer anyone up, especially in the morning. The single is capped off with three collabs featuring: Rico Nasty, Delli Boe, and lastly, Dess Dior.

Already having made a name for himself as an artist and as a boundary breaker in the industry. By the way, it is an industry that tried its best to create the concept of hypermasculinity ruling the world in the last decades. Kidd Kenn stated that Pride and Pride Month means “having confidence with anything you do... not thinking about the next person”.

His main inspiration was “his gut,” although personalities such as Nicki Minaj and MJ -on the male side- started in him some part of the fire that pushed him forward in his craft. However, the domino piece didn't fall and made him realize “I want to pursue this for real” until he created his first viral video. That's when he thought, “Ok...this is BIG”. Those factors, topped with his true talent, made the decision easy as 2+2.

In a one-on-one interview, Kidd Kenn was asked how he tried to claim the spot in the industry. Particularly in an industry dominated by straight men. And with his answer, we can continue to appreciate his “uniqueness” and why he has countless successes coming his way: “When I walk in the room, all eyes are on me. The spot is already mine!” Problem child is currently available for download and streaming on several platforms. Accessible at: 


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