Artist T Lori Releases His Latest EP ‘Diffractions’

One of the most exciting artists to emerge in the 21st century, singer/songwriter T Lori is back with this latest EP, ‘Diffractions.’ It’s a coming-of-age album that explores the themes of philosophy and higher matters. If you listen to the EP carefully, you would realize that it also features autobiographical accounts, which are relatively typical to Hip-Hop and Trap. The album takes a dazzling array of sonic textures as the artist is known for his genre-bending music talent, hooky choruses, and song melodies with intricate and dynamic instrumentation. His versatility is making rounds amongst the audiences worldwide, with the artist’s intuitive knack reigning the music world.

A follow-up to his last album ‘Reflections,’ lyrically, the EP does wonder. T Lori’s fans can experience a cosmic interaction while the artist showcases his unique approach to different genres. With’ Mirage,’ you will get to add a banger in your playlist with the artist questioning, “is it real or is it just a mirage.” However, with ‘Private Story,’ the undertone of his album gets somber, giving you the perfect soundtrack for mellow evenings and not-so-typical nights.

More about T Lori

T Lori is committed to artistry, innovation, and entrepreneurship with his music. There is nothing beyond music that the artist sees, and frankly, he shouldn’t, considering he is beckoning the transcendence the music industry should have experienced long ago. T Lori’s previous music has been inspired by self-expression coupled with melodies that would emotionally and physically move his audience. His words will remind you of a better world, the higher power, and everything magical in between.

The artist has been merging genres ever since he stepped foot in the industry. Creating music that exclusively defines you is difficult, but T Lori has never backed down from a fight, and nor will he now. It is only a matter of time before the artist will see his EP reigning the billboards and all the major chartbusters across the world.

Since the age of 12, the artist has been playing guitar. After being raised on metal music and quoting Post Malone as his central inspiration, T Lori is crafting unheard music. This quality will guarantee him a spot in the industry in the long run and is paving the way for his success.

Listen To ‘Diffractions’ Today!

Listen to T Lori’s latest EP, ‘Diffractions’ today on all leading music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to know what’s in store next. For more updates on the artist’s subsequent plans, follow our website and get the latest news on what’s going on in “underdogs” the music industry.

With T Lori, you can experience Trapsoul, Hip-Hop, Drill, and EDM all wrapped in a pretty package. By creating something as unusual and rare as this album, T Lori is well on his path to becoming the next global music sensation.

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