Tonderai The Dogon Releases Latest Album ‘My Becoming’

Tonderai The Dogon Releases Latest Album ‘My Becoming’

Coming off a prolific year of showing the spectrum of his multifaceted artistry and musical talent, Leeds singer/songwriter/rapper Toderai The Dogon releases his latest album ‘My Becoming.’ The artist is a young rapper and singer with an undeniably incredible talent. In this album, Tonderai The Dogon shows impressive ease with both lyrics and lo-fi melodies.

The intimate old-school hip-hop beats elevate the artist’s buttery vocals, solidifying him in the hip-hop and rap spheres both at home and abroad. The song appeals to an individual’s routine experiences in life, and the artist has bejeweled it with lyrics that everyone can relate to. The album highlights the artist’s passion for music and his strength of words as he invokes the incredible power of lyricism.

Saturated with beats that will soothe your soul, ‘My Becoming’ portrays the artist’s journey and the challenges he had to overcome to reach the pedestal he is at today. Reminiscent of the rap sensation Nas, the lyrics of the album seem inspired by street-poet Gil Scott-Heron.

More About Tonderai The Dogon 

The artist hails from Leeds, West Yorkshire, and has been into music since 2018. However, he has been writing poetry for quite some time now. He is a spoken word artist from Leeds who has used his natural talent to produce music. His sound perfectly synergizes experimental hip-hop and Lo-fi beats. With his smooth vocals perking up his soundtracks, Tonderai The Dogon is on his way to becoming the next sensation in the industry.

The singer also concedes that his African roots have played a considerable part in shaping his lyrics. If you listen to his music pieces carefully, you will notice subtle elements of his heritage in his poetry and instrumentation. And, guess what, a tribe in Mali called The Dogon inspires his pseudo-name.

Already having singles released, you can follow the artist for more updates on his upcoming pieces. Tonderai The Dogon is all set to cause a stir in the hip-hop world with his latest album.

Listen to ‘My Becoming’ Today!

My Becoming marks an incredible year for Tonderai The Dogon, who has waited long enough for his EP to hit the floors digitally. With the rare combination of versatile talent, charisma, and perspective, this incredible artist is poised to be the next African-American star to build a worldwide following. The album continues its rapid growth across streaming platforms, receiving thousands of global streams in less than a week.

You can stream the album on all music platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Tonderai The Dogon is ready to take the world by storm with his latest album ‘My Becoming.’ Be a part of this revolution and get to listen to his timeless tracks featuring a star that knows no boundaries when it comes to music.

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