Christian rapper Lana D releases debut single "Pure Heart"

Christian Rapper Lana D Releases Debut Single ‘Pure Heart’ All hail the queen Lana D and her debut single ‘Pure Heart.’ With sultry vocals and spoken words to an urban Drake-type beat, Lana D is ready to set the stage on fire with her latest soundtrack. The artist reflects the perfect combination of faith and music and is ready to release new singles, including ‘Pure Heart,’ ‘God Is Good,’ and ‘Obstacles’ throughout the month of May.

If you are a believer and want to explore some soul-searching music, there is no better artist than Lana D and her profound amalgamation of music and faith. If you would ask a person with faith what The Lord means to them, you might get an ambiguous answer, maybe because their understanding of the higher power is different from yours. However, with the previous year testing our limits and pushing us right onto the edge of the abyss, it is The Lord and his merciful bounties that kept us going, and Lana D wishes to convey a similar feeling in her songs.

“I know it’s untraditional, but I serve a God that’s unconditional” accurately manifests how one cannot string into words the changes God brings into the lives of lost individuals and how His support is unconditional through and through. The artist strives to keep her intentions pure from the start until the end and expresses her gratitude to the higher power for granting her perseverance and patience.

More About Lana D

The artist keeps her faith as close to her as a man who has nothing but the last penny to feed his family. 2020 has been a rough year for everyone throughout the world. While some experienced miseries more profound than others, it would be an understatement to say that all of us have suffered at the hands of this merciless pandemic.

However, it is also the moment when one should reflect on their actions and find your faith to be unwaveringly the most constant solace. After the unexpected death of her brother in 2019, Lana D has been working hard every day to find a new purpose and get over the ordeal, as tomorrow is not promised.

Her philanthropic endeavors extend to a foundation in New York that provides grants to local youth in her community starting 2019. She believes that God blesses each of us to be a pass-through and that we must look for blessings in the littlest of things if they the only one makes an effort to notice.

Listen To Lana D - ‘Pure Heart’ Today!

‘Pure Heart’ will purge your soul of all maliciousness and give your life a deeper meaning and a better understanding of it. Lana D wants her music to be the guiding light in the lives of individuals who wish to find a purpose and hopes her music makes all the difference.

You can stream the soundtrack on all music platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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