Rapper Tad - "Showman" Official Music Video

Suffolk-based rapper Tad has released the music video for his brilliant new single ‘Showman’ in collaboration with producer Noah Wu. An eclectic mix of rap and hip-hop, ‘Showman’ showcases Tad’s terrific wordplay and stellar lyricism. The dark, alluring tune and beats by Northern Ireland-based Noah Wu add charm to this mesmerizing new hit.

Shot in London with Gerssis David, this spectacular music video, produced by the 15-year- Noah Wu, captures the London cityscape in stunning azure tones as the camera focuses on Tad and his brilliant rap delivery. The visuals to this eye-catching piece have been provided by Supply Creativity and music mixing by Sam Holmes Audio.

Tad explores important issues like racism and discrimination in his brilliantly crafted soundtrack as he speaks out “to erase them racists” and fight against the broken system. ‘Showman’ is a powerful rap anthem about exploring the greatness in ourselves, fighting back, and chasing our dreams.

Tad uses his music as a dynamic instrument to comment on issues ranging from home and belongingness to racism and discrimination and connect to people who feel misunderstood and lost. The thought-provoking rap and its poetic appeal will speak to your soul. The enigmatic yet refreshing tune makes ‘Showman’ a soundtrack you’ll keep coming back to time and again.

More About Tad

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Tadeu Fialho, aka Tad, is a Suffolk, UK-based rising rap and hip-hop artist who rose to the hip-hop scene in May 2020 with his debut single ‘Who to Blame.’ Tad has since then released his EP’ 1994’. Two tracks from his EP ‘Made to be Tame’ and ‘Yesterday’ has received overwhelming love and more than 22k views on Youtube.

Tad takes inspiration from his life - from Portugal to England, the racism and discrimination he has seen, and the mental health issues in his surroundings and creates powerful and enchanting songs that will truly make you feel like a showman say. With such inspiring lyrics, his music becomes a solace for the listeners. Moreover, his song’s fast and energetic lyrics are a dynamic powerhouse to kickstart the day with much-needed motivation.

Listen to ‘Showman’ today!

With this new music video, Tad has added another refreshing track to his widely growing discography, with many more exciting projects to come in the future. Listen to his new single and if you end up craving more, go check out his EP’ 1994.’ Tad is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and upcoming hip-hop artists headed for great success with much more musical talent to share with the world.

You can listen to Tad’s latest single ‘Showman’ on all leading music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora. In addition, you can follow the artist on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated on any upcoming projects by the artist. You can also subscribe to the rapper’s Youtube channel for more support. Test nobody. He’s amazing. For all Tad fans, it is #DontShowman time!

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