Aspen Blu - Come Home (Audio)

Aspen Blu is here with his next passion project titled ‘Come Home,’ the next summertime anthem on your playlist. If you have not heard any songs from the artist before, you may have been missing out on music as Aspen Blu’s music unfolds like the kind of stories you share with your best friends. Every song from the singer is intimate, vulnerable, evocative, and meaningful. 

The song explores the nasty part of a relationship. The cheating, lying, and manipulation. You will repetitively hear the artist say, “I am not coming home. No, I am not coming home,” as a reply to his partner’s constant effort to get him back. Despite being a fresh talent, the soundtrack entails austere acoustics from a place of deep personal resonance. Maybe the song comes from the artist’s profound understanding of when and how relationships go wrong and when it is eventually time not to return.

The artist’s meticulous, creative writing process has cemented him in the music industry as a quiet, impactful voice capable of whipping wonders. The track has paved the way for Aspen’s unprecedented success in the industry with its somber hook and vivid lyricism. With unapologetic passion and a hint of guilt and regret, the song can bring back hurtful memories while making you understand what is right in life and relationships. The quiet storm of his vocals has already created a rage among fans, with Aspen Blu gaining popularity and procuring an incredible fan base as you read this.

More About Aspen Blu

Aspen has always had a deep connection to music. It is a place where he confides in the biggest mistakes of his life and the safe space where he learns how to be a better version of himself. The artist has been bending genres to his will ever since he stepped into the industry. Since his debut, Aspen has been reigning in the musical arena as a master of R&B, Jazz, and Pop. He is all things musical and draws influences from legendary singers such as Tupac and Beyonce.

Although the song’s recording process was a bit challenging, the singer used this opportunity to channel all his efforts into making the soundtrack due to his past mistakes. 29- the year-old artist was raised in a strict religious household, drawing his early influence from his days singing in the church choir. Driven profoundly by the whole experience, the ethereal nuances and deep bellows wrested his heart and plunged it right into the musical abyss he is now unable to get out of.

Listen to ‘Come Home’ Today!

Continuing on his incredible journey, Aspen Blu has concocted an excellent track that accurately captures his thoughts and feelings. You can listen to ‘Come Home’ on all leading music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for more upcoming news on the artist’s latest work.

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