Listen To Turk NY’s News Creations “Two Things” and “Only A Millie’”

The Queens native Turk Ny, aka Will Bentè, is the melodic rapper that we have all been waiting for. New York City is known to generate plenty of name-brand artists, and Turk NY is just another testament to that.

His journey in music began back in January 2017, when Turk put out 2 different works of art. In 2019, the artist debuted his first album titled “Composure,” giving him mass recognition and exposure as a renowned melodic rapper.

Armed with NYC street lingo and the relatable lyrics, not to mention the contagious beats, Turk is setting himself off on the right foot to fame.

“Only A Millie’” is a charming and catchy tune that will have you humming and singing the lyrics for days. The track talks about his upbringing and how he has eventually reached his google of a million. Make sure to give the track’s music video a watch.

If you prefer expeditious and exciting throbs, his track “Two Things” will be up your alley.  Promoting his NY movements and rhythms, the artist takes to heart a widely discussed topic. Taking about less money or more money, Turk reaches many of his fans with his fine lyrics and mesmerizing vocals.

Check out Turk NY Spotify and listen to his tracks!

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