Ditto Music Review: 10 Pros about ditto music a musician should admire.

With the advent of technology and tools, music distribution has become easier than ever before. You can become a musician and let people know about your career choice in a few hours.

But, there is a catch!

Even though online has made it easier with all the perks, the competition is growing each day, and artists need a helping hand, whom they can trust, to upscale their career and build their music brand.

And that’s where Ditto music slides into the picture.

What is Ditto music?

It’s an independent music distribution company founded in 2006. Since then, it has changed the lives of many music composers just like you.

The ditto music company is made available in several countries and has over 200 digital music stores to distribute your music.

So, what are the perks of joining the community of ditto music?

Keep scrolling to know why ditto music has been the favorite of musicians.

1. Affordable rates/price packages.

If you are an artist just starting in the music industry, you will appreciate ditto music’s pricing plan. Ditto music distribution platform offers three packages - artists at 19 pounds/year, professional at 29 pounds/year, and label at 69 pounds/year.

Also, the artist price plan offers a free 30-day trial option to get you started with your music career at ease.

To be able to release unlimited music anywhere and everywhere as an independent artist and have the benefits like protecting your copyrights and having access to multiple playlists at just 19 pounds per year. It helps musicians or artists start their musical journey without having to break your bank balance. And adding more stores is also free of charge, added benefit, thank ditto music later!

2. No technical background is needed to use the platform.

Once you sign up on the ditto music platform (It’s a simple procedure - you need to submit your email and other credentials), you can log in to the website.

You will soon discover that the website is user-friendly and very simple to navigate.

You can release unlimited songs on the platform’s website, choose your plan, decide the outlets you want your music to be distributed to, and decide your release dates.

You can even look at your analytics on how your music is performing. Also, there is a help button to resolve any issues you might face with the platform, which is very useful for beginners.

3. Musicians/Artists can keep 100% of all the royalties.

Many music distribution platforms take a massive chunk of money that should have belonged to artists in the first place. This is a big ‘no-no’ for most music artists.

And for this reason, ditto music doesn’t take any percentage of commission from the sales you generate. Instead, it helps many musicians stay confident and pursue their music journey without losing their hard-earned money.

4. An option to get featured in popular playlists.

With ditto music, an online song distributor, artists can feature their songs on numerous playlists, which gives them the potential to place their piece of art before millions, if not billions, of potential audiences and fans.

Ditto has partnered with great platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, and Shazam to ensure better growth opportunities for the musicians. It’s a great option to grow your career and gain more visibility.

5. Ditto music provides detailed analytics and reports.

Once you release your music, you need not worry about being behind the curtains regarding your music’s sales, analytics, and reports. Ditto music provides analytics and reports about the performance of your videos and music releases.

You have the complete choice to monitor your music’s sales and revenue generation, which is indeed a blessing in disguise for music talents.

Thanks to ditto music, you can also look at your sales record on platforms like Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other available platforms.

6. You can take advantage of ditto’s record label services.

Ditto Music has added a ‘record label in a box’ feature to help and allow music artists to build up their record labels.

What is the advantage of setting up a record label?

It allows you to conduct your own business and be in charge of things related to your music. Ditto music offers three packages - a basic starter pack at 199 pounds, a premium at 300 pounds, and a professional at 599 pounds. This is a one-time payment option and is convenient to choose whenever you want.

7. Ditto music platform has worldwide distributors.

When you are using ditto music for your music releases, you can rest assured that your music masterpiece will reach an audience all across the world. Or, if you do not want your song racing all across the globe but want to stream it to just one region, you can do that as well.

Imagine the opportunity to reach millions and billions of audiences and make their hearts dance in accord with your rhythms!

And you can avail this benefit with the basic package the platform offers.

This is an advantage for many music creators. This also means visibility and more revenue for you. We are sure, with ditto music, the list of benefits keeps growing.

8. Ditto has a great relationship with YouTube.

Ditto partnered with YouTube, but it is certified by YouTube. Hence ditto the music follows all protocols of YouTube, takes the responsibilities of promoting your music videos and monetizing your content.

Cool, isn’t it?

9. Protect your copyrights.

Have you been at a loss by facing copyright issues for your music? Yes, it’s a headache for sure, but when you choose the ditto music platform, your copyright issues are taken care of by ditto music, and you need not worry about it anymore.

The company is very strict about copyright issues and even helps you stay away from copyright infringement and other related things, for that matter.

10. You receive automatic access to all sales-boosting tools.

Once you release new music on the ditto platform, you will immediately access the ditto SmartLink. Ditto SmartLink includes pre-saved links that you can share even before your music drops, and also add chart registration and play with the tools to see which one works for you and brings in the most sales to your music.


Who is ditto music? Are you an upcoming rapper, singer, or sing writer looking for the best alternative with unlimited releases? Ditto music makes a music distribution platform that is affordable for every artist and has a lot of cool features that they offer.

Ditto music is filled with cool features like the “record label in a box,” which I enjoy, among others. Are you a serious artist? Ditto music welcomes you in and flourishes your craft to the world through its partnership with over 200 platforms.

The music support you can get on this platform as an upcoming artist is outstanding. Ditto music is the distribution platform for any artist looking to take their career to the next level. You can gain success what you thought was impossible through Ditto music.

Ditto Music Review

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