The 2017 Leicester formed group has debuted in the studio albums field and keeps hitting milestones. The material will soon be available on all major platforms.

Easy Life, the five men British Alternative R&B group. Formed in mid-2017 by their current vocalist Murray Matravers. Released this past May 28th, 2021, their very first studio album. Or what the industry calls a ‘Debut Album.’ Although first of its kind, it was previously preceded by 5 singles. Being ‘Nightmares’ the oldest one, created in 2018.

Even though a short time has been since the album was released, it has already made headlines all around the globe. The site Metacritic -well renowned for providing respected critics for music, films, and productions of the artistic realm- granted a score of 84 out of 100 based on four reviews. This automatically sets the album status as ‘universal acclaim,’ the highest possible scoring tier for the music category. However, it is currently available in LP, digital download, and streaming format, it still has a long way to run and conquer the charts.

In an exclusive interview with Murray Matravers, who most people claim to be the creative seed of Easy Life, he was asked about his thoughts on ‘Nightmares’ being featured on Michaela Cole’s BBC series ‘I May Destroy You.’ So that, once again, that show was labeled by Metacritic as ‘the most critically acclaimed TV show of 2020’, having won at least half a dozen industry-relevant awards.

“I have not seen that... because you have to pay for that sh*t. You have to pay for a TV license, and I’m not paying 150 quid for that!... I haven’t watched it yet.” Matravers stated. This shows how focused he is on his art craft and how honest, transparent, and accessible he can talk to. He also showed immense respect for the show, although he “just didn’t see it yet”.\

Matravers was also shot with a barrel of exciting questions. As to how the group met and what was the main inspiration. Murray stated that as he grew up on a farm with no contact with electronics, his creativity took him to musical sound. Playing with available items to produce sound and writing songs as a hobby. He went to school with Sam (Bass Player). The guitarist (Lewis) and the drummer (Oliver ‘Cass’) were already in another band. After a drunken night, they invited the fifth and last one: Jordan! And only six months later, they were signed. That’s when everything started condensation.

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