$cary Jerry Releases "Dead Wrong" Music Video

Whether a breakup is civil or disastrous, mutual or one-sided, everyone yearns for that apologetic text. That Future-meme-worthy text, that text that the group chat scoffs at but that same text that makes you kind of want that ex back.

Enter “Dead Wrong” - a reflective single in which Bronx-based artist $cary Jerry admits to his faults in his past relationship and asks for a second chance, all over a bump-worthy beat produced by Origami and mixed and mastered by Prodbygekko. It’s that text but in song form.

It’s the song you’ll want your best friend to screenshot off your ex’s story and send to you. It’s the song you’ll yell out your car windows imagining “what if.” And of course, if you’re on the other end, it’s the song you’ll blast with the homies for the beat until the lyrics suddenly have you scrolling through old messages. 

Accompanying the song is a music video directed by JY Filmz, $cary Jerry and Stephen Giordano which transitions between hype car scenes and an enthralling narrative with a plot twist that audiences will play back to analyze again and again. 

Relatable and refreshing, from the catchy lyrics to the captivating visuals, “Dead Wrong” hits just right. 

Watch the music video on YouTube and stream the single on all platforms below.  


About $cary Jerry

Influenced by the Afroswing and Dancehall beats of his Ghanaian roots and the witty rhymers of the New York City Hip Hop scene, 20-year-old $cary Jerry is ready to take the rap game to new melodic heights. His music, best described as “Tropical Fruit Punch,” quenches the thirst for fun, forward-thinking anthems. $cary Jerry started drafting up his future in music during his two-hour train rides from his home in the Bronx to his Brooklyn high school. He is now expanding his reach in the Boston area, where he is currently attending college.

Instagram: @thescaryjerry

Twitter: @iamscarryjerry

TikTok: @thescaryjerry

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