Rickyleupnext Releases A Single ‘Till I Die’ ft. Deep Green

Rickyleupnext Releases A Single ‘Till I Die’ ft. Deep Green

Today ‘Till I Die,’ the sophomore project of the English-born, Sheffield-based artist Rickyleupnext is out, and the fans are going gaga already. The song also features Deep Green, another of Sheffield’s finest. The track offers a glimpse into what could be the next sensation in the musical world.

Rickyleupnext’s Ambient Music

In the song, you will be able to experience the artist’s encounter with triumphant raw hip-hop energy that will sweep you off your feet. And to execute his mission sonically, he enlisted the help of the long-time collaborator Deep Green and producer KDMADEIT. You might be wondering what could be the result, and it is this earth-shattering latest single that will knock your socks off.

After putting Sheffield on the map with his extraordinary music and hit singles, Rickyleupnext is on the path of greatness to conquer the musical Mt. Everest. ‘Till I Die’ perfectly sums up the relationship between the two artists, and the song shows off both the rappers are having an immaculate control on the beat and the slick hook that plays up the soundtrack.

The artist initially achieved success as a basketball player. However, his ever-increasing inclination towards music made him record his debut single ‘Wifey’ in 2017. Until now, the song has amassed over 44,000 views which made Rickyleupnext what he is today. The year also saw the artist collaborating with Deep Green on another soundtrack.

From A Basketball Sensation To A Musical Artist - Rickyleupnext

The collaboration led to the rappers landing a gig at Sheffield’s O2 Academy on the bill for the former Radio 1extra DJ Charlie Sloth’s tour of ‘The Plug.’ Once the audience witnessed Rickyleupnext’s cosmic performance on the stage and his electrifying presence, his career knew no bounds from then onwards.

The song will give you a glimpse into the artist’s potential and his profound understanding of art. With a cultural reach so vast, Rickyleupnext’s music will hit you in all the right spots.

You can stream Rickyleupnext’s latest single featuring Deep Green on all leading music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. You can also follow Rickyleupnext various social media platforms. Listen to Rickyleupnext’s latest single featuring Deep Green on YouTube, and find your playlist, another banger that will be in the limelight at any party.

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