Hip-Hop Artist Sambino Releases Latest Single "Long Gone" Ft Fatboy SSE

Hip-Hop Artist Sambino Releases Latest Single ‘Long Gone'
Get ready for Sambino’s latest ambient hip-hop soundtrack, ‘Long Gone.’ The artist returns with his edgy single featuring Fatboy SSE. The Chicago-born and bred rapper has been recognized for his exceptional skills to blend atmospheric sound with a hip-hop beat to provide his fans with a musical experience that eludes the world.

Reminiscent of Ghetto Gospel artist Rod Wave, the artist is all set to explore the genre his way and make songs that emanate authenticity. Sambino believes that everyone should have a place at the table and something to relate to. As a result, with Long Gone, he wants to make his fans feel inclusive of his art and the music pieces he creates.

Sambino’s Exceptional Experimentation With Art

Art is very subjective, but if you look at it from Sambino’s perspective, you will find that his desire to make his mother proud drives his pieces and gives a voice to his songs.

With this song, Sambino shares a crucial chapter of his life. The soundtrack illustrates the vulnerability in his life after his mother’s death. It should not come as a shock to you, but the world is in an exposed state, with the recent pandemic striking everyone’s morales down. The singer started songwriting when he was 14 and waited all his life for the right time to let the world know there is another musical prodigy in the making. However, what better time than the present?

Central Themes That Surround The Song

There is something to ditching notions that let you down, and with Long Gone, the artist tries to implore the audience to let go. Sambino wants his fans to feel whole again, as the void a death can create is as bottomless as the abyss that shouts nothing but your vain screams. Every fan deserves a heavenly experience when it comes to music. As a result, with his cosmic harmony and seething lyrics, Sambino is on the right path to achieve the success he deserves.

With ‘Long Gone,’ Sambino has strived to unlock a new musical dimension for his fans. Sambino will give you all the reasons to love his music and more to celebrate the idea that harbors within his heart.

Pour Some Love For Sambino On Social Media Today! 

After spending the last decade honing his craft and delivering his fans with the most evocative music pieces, it is time the artist gets his due share. With his previous soundtrack, ‘So Long.’ getting the praises it deserves, Sambino’s new single is set to break records and hit his fans in the right spot. Currently, Sambino is on a treacherous journey, and while he has embarked on the adventures to take on the challenges of life head-on, he needs your support.

Listen Below

You can stream the soundtrack on all leading music platforms, including Spotify, AppleMusic. You can also support the artist on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter. Let Sambino know that you have his back while he is on his journey to make his momma proud.

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