Jaybandsome Releases New, Hot Single, "The Weekend"

Written by: Julz Mancini

Jaybandsome is a young, up and coming rapper raised in the Bronx’s Edenwald Housing Projects with his siblings including rapper and reality star Dream Doll. This gifted artist found his niche in the music industry while being mentored by New York rappers Lougotcash (signed to Gwinnin Records) and Vyse179. Releasing his first music video “Looking Up” with Hitmatic Records, Jaybandsome got a taste of the spotlight in which he hasn’t left since. 

Recently Jaybandsome released his new, hot record titled, “The Weekend”. This track displays the rapper’s unique sound and delivery while captivating the audience with his catchy lyrics. 

“I run it up like I’m a track star. They didn’t think I’d make it this far. Yeah, I’m 17 but I’m the big dog. I got a whole lotta missed calls.”

“Diamonds on my neck. Yeah, I’m looking like a trap star. Speeding in a foreign. You would think it was a Nascar. Lying in a jungle. Baby this ain’t Madagascar.”

“The Weekend” has a smooth and relaxed vibe while simultaneously presenting the listener with Jaybandsome’s captivating energy. With his streams and fanbase increasing rapidly, Jaybandsome is sure to reach stardom in the near future. This young creative conveys his love for music in addition to an undeniable work ethic. Be sure to follow him on social media and stream his music!




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