East Penn Raiders Bring Frio The Prince of PA on Board to Create Team Anthem


Written by: Julz Mancini

Stepping onto the field during the practice of the East Penn Raiders, I immediately sensed a strong bond of brotherhood between the players. Meeting with one of the owners Reinaldo Rodriguez to discuss the development of their team anthem was by far an amazing experience. Frio, the prince of PA, was hand selected by the team to represent them in song during game time. Frio is a well known hip hop artist and native to the Lehigh Valley, making this opportunity even more touching and honorary.

As we walked throughout the field we were met by several pertinent people who play key roles in the support and success of the entire team. Mike Keefer, the president and owner of the East Penn Raiders, was not only informative, but also conveyed deep passion and love for the team. During our conversation, he stated “I have to make it bigger than football. If I can take a kid who is in the wrong crowd and get him involved, I can change his life”. Reinaldo and Mike repeatedly expressed that their goal was to provide the players with a plethora of opportunities in life all stemming from the love of football. One word that was continuously brought up was “family” which displayed the connection they all have to one another. Having the privilege of meeting the team’s sports medicine doctor, Dr. Chris Amato, was another climactic experience as multiple players described him as, “more than just a doctor”. They stated that he is the man who gets them in the right mindset. Frio and I bared witness to Dr. Amato taping and wrapping the ankle of a player as he prepared for practice. It was clear that his presence was a necessity to the family of football players and coaches.

Encountering all of the players one by one, they all mentioned words such as, “comradery”, “brotherhood”, “family”, and “unity”. DeVaughn “El Savage” Chollette, #56, is the teams’ captain. His story is unique and shines light on the diversity of the players. In addition to being the team captain, DeVaughn is also a scientist. Playing football from the age of 5 through adulthood, he watched his uncle play football. Watching as the band played for his uncle as he entered the field, DeVaughn knew he would follow in his footsteps. While attending New Hampshire University and playing football, he studied science and took classes on cell culture adamant about having his own lab one day. He portrays strength, work ethic, intelligence, and pure athleticism. His alter ego, “El Savage”, takes over when the helmet goes on. He is a force to be reckoned with on the field. We also had the honor of speaking with Isaiah Green, #40, who also owns Legends Lounge in Philadephia. Frio had the honor of headlining a show at the prominent night club and was extremely thankful to have met Isaiah on and off of the field. 

Speaking with DeVaughn reminded me of Frio. As Frio takes his place on stage, his artistry and star quality take precedence. Just as music is an outlet and passion for Frio, the East Penn Raiders consider football to be their escape. As Frio prepares to create an amazing anthem for the team, it was obvious that this was a match made in heaven. With the East Penn Raiders being ranked #6 within the GDFL in the nation, building strong relationships and sponsorships with entities such as St. Lukes, and having amazing coaches, assistants, and doctors, it is obvious that they mean business. This is the same for Frio. He will stop at nothing to ensure he reaches success.

Be sure to follow both Frio and the East Penn Raiders on Instagram! Prepare for more press related to their journeys! Special thanks to Reinaldo Rodriguez, Mike Keefer, Coach Gips, Coach Martin, Coach Kohler, Dale, and the rest of the coaches who are the backbone of the East Penn Raiders. 

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