Kayne "Back On My Grizzy" With His debut single

Kayne 'Back On My Grizzy' With His debut single

Back On My Grizzy is a new single from Kayne(rapper and a hip-hop artist). This song is motivational to everyone and anyone. With the music, Kayne shared an experience of how other people bully and step on other people's way to success. Finding ourselves in a society where everyone has the " Me, Myself and I" attitude, we must strive to be our best irrespective of the obstacles.

The song 'Back On My Grizzy' encourages you to reclaim your position or status and wave off every form of setback and refocus yourself to achieve what you know you are due.

You can be whatever you desire or wish to be in life—getting up, setting your goals, and setting up strategies to achieve them. Our success starts from our mindset, which we must build to accomplish whatever we desire. Dwelling on our past and pains can stop us from coming out of our shells. Thereby, we need to get up and move. Our aches and history will keep dragging us back if we do not leave them behind.

In this song, Kayne united with Kev(CEO of Global Entertainment Inc) and unraveled his creativity, making the song an irresistible one. Kayne has been putting words to music since he was in High School. He sets the bar high for himself, always striving to be the best at what he does and putting genuineness and seriousness into his music career.

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