Gatson Releases Latest EP ‘Holding On’

Gatson is out with his latest EP, ‘Holding On,’ that will make you feel good even during the bluest hours. The Ilinois rapper and hip-hop artist strives to make music that speaks to people battling real-life stuff, and he wants to let them know that they are not alone. Gatson wants his audience to understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and people should not give up even during the darkest times.

Just like the old man, Dumbledore, Gatson believes that happiness can be found if one only remembers to turn on the light, and it is precisely what his new album is trying to propagate. Gatson concedes that he doesn’t make music to fit in with the crowd. Instead, he wants to be the beacon of hope everybody looks up to by making music that gives the mellowest vibes when you need it to hear the most.

Gatson’s Musical Approach

His three-track album represents a fundamental hands-on approach and manifests the dedication that the artist puts into his music. He personally selected the instrumentation that went into the making of each song, offering his fans a genuinely out-of-the-world experience. With ‘Holding On,’ you would be able to power through your more challenging days since it provides the respite every wrought-down-by-life person needs.

The album is a delight and is filled with intertextual references. And guess what? All of it comes together under Gatson’s expertise and smooth lyrical flow. With over five years of experience, the artist endeavors to build his musical pieces for people who have been unfaired by life. And it is his unwavering effort of bringing something new to the table with each album release that woos his audience.

The artist said in an interview that with each recording, his raw energy and passion unleashes. And as much as he likes to keep it untamed, he strives to build a vivid experience for his audience with every live show.

Early Childhood & Musical Inspiration

Gatson was introduced to Tupac by his sister, which further stirred a passion within him for hip hop. This idling fire was further transmuted into a necessary voice when the police murdered his friend in 2009. As a result, he started using his poetry to express his rage against the system and help others battling with depression. So, if you are someone who gets crippling panic attacks, Gatson’s music is here for you and all your trauma.

The artist wants people to walk away with a better mental space than they were previously in on any pressing day. It is one of the primary reasons Gatson writes and makes music. By evolving his hobby into a platform, he now believes that he can help millions with just one gesture that he loves doing anyway.

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