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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Mad World Portrays Saint Bodhi Navigating Through Her Adolescent Years

At the young age of 27, Saint Bodhi has collaborated with artists like Beyoncé, A$AP Rocky, and Jaden Smith, and she has fantastic talent up her sleeve. Her music is sensational, and the upbeat hip-hop vibe will keep you craving more. Her website describes her as a 'musical chameleon' and rightfully so. She has shown a fantastic ability to absorb sound skills as her music will remind you of the place she hails from, Los Angeles and New York, and Atlanta. A YouTube comment describes her as a 'soul artist.' That's an accurate description of her music and its evocative and emotionally rife themes. 

What’s Mad World about?

Released in October 2020, her debut album ‘Mad World’ documents her experiences as a young black woman in Southern L.A. and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. The aesthetic is fresh and incredibly engaging. The visuals ensure that you are hypnotized into a deep world of colorful imagery while your feet tap uncontrollably to the blended beats of hip-hop, R&B, and rock. However, the most important reason to explore the album is Bodhi's intriguing storytelling skills. Each song is lyrically engaging and keeps you hooked on the narrative. It's as if Bodhi thinks of emotion and creates a story to infuse that emotion into her listeners. She is reminiscent of the rich storytelling tradition within the black women’s community.

Saint Bodhi’s Piscean Traits inspiring Music

A firm believer in astrology, Saint Bodhi is a Piscean. Her sun-sign, she claims, makes her intuitive and sometimes stubborn and insistent on following her artistic intuition no matter what. Her studio, Def Jams, recently collaborated with Marvel comics to celebrate the iconic Black Panther series with short new stories. Along with Saint Bodhi, two other black artists Bobby Sessions and Kaash Paige will be contributing their comics to the venture. It will be Bodhi's first time experimenting with traditional comics. However, if you watch some of her music videos, such as Gold Revolver and FlowerChild, you will realize that her storytelling skill using the visual and verbal medium is striking. Comics are perhaps just a way to manifest it on paper. Saint Bodhi lists her inspirations!

Saint Bodhi says that her experience with the lockdown and George Floyd’s death has made her want to dive deeper into the articulation of human emotion. Her influences include Nina Simone, James Blake, Frank Ocean, and many more. She is also familiar with legends like John Legend, John Lennon, and the Beatles. She feels like all these experiences with music have ultimately contributed to her understanding and expression of sound. She describes herself as a cool nerd who enjoys exploring various artists while preserving her creativity and originality. These artists inspire her to express herself despite implications and beyond what she is expected to do.

The exciting debut album Mad World will be followed by her EP Antisocial, which is expected to come out later this year. While Mad World portrays the artist navigating through her adolescent years, Antisocial will be about her growing into the subdued femininity and understanding her womanhood. She again evokes Nina Simone and says that the latter fuels her assertive, bold, and feminine portrayal of the artistic expression.

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