Drew releases debut single "SYSTEM" ft. Z.O.B

Listen to the gritty song ‘SYSTEM’ by Drew that recently hit the floors and strives to shatter the billboards. With this revolutionary song, Drew makes his debut in the industry, and with several aces up his sleeve, the audiences are in for a sweet surprise. Inspired by real-life events, the song highlights the journey of an addict and speaks to everyone who has been down the treacherous path.

This impeccable collaboration with Z.O.B. transpires true art and a song that manifests two very talented individuals' ideas. You could also perceive ‘SYSTEM’ as a motivational song that strives to remind everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and nothing can destroy us if we simply ask for help.

When is the video out?

Whoever is waiting for the video might have to wait for a little longer since it will drop soon. However, spoiler alert, it will outline the journey of an artist who is struggling to maintain his sanity while keeping his creativity afloat in challenging times. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing an artist scuffle with his mental illness, only to emerge victorious eventually. With ‘SYSTEM,’ you will feel things left, right, and center as it will hit you right in the brain cells that refuse to anchor to reality.

Drew’s Inspirational Journey

Drew is an upcoming rapper who hails from Minnesota. Even as an MMA fighter, the man battled with every nasty element around him to nurture his true talent for writing songs. Drew is now a sensation as an alternative hip-hop artist since his hit single is currently making rounds around town. His penchant for writing is clearly manifested in his songs. Couple his superior writing talent with a uniquely soulful yet aggressive delivery, and right here is the recipe for a sensational star.

His journey has influenced his music greatly. Coming from a flailing background marred with complications and hardships, Drew emerged as the fighter in a losing battle. Even in his songs, he represents life’s battle by not how it crippled him, but in ways, it made him stronger to face the curveballs thrown by life head-on. His raw talent is all you can be crazy for as this man is the horse that always crosses the finishing line victorious!

What’s ahead for Drew?

After taking a break from his professional MMA career, Drew is currently all hands on deck with his music and brand new album ‘Shock Therapy.’The grit and determination that the artist has showcased are beyond recognition. His latest album is a live testament to his impeccable writing and the raw talent that he has nurtured all his life, even during the hardest of the phases where he thought he had lost. But what he does not let on is the idea to give up. For Drew, it has always been fighting, and even now, it will always be. With his music career at its peak, he is well on his way to becoming one of the greatest alternative hip-hop artists, as the audience would love to see!

Go check out ‘SYSTEM’ today on any music streaming platform!

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