Calycal: Artist On The Rise

22 year old calycal is climbing his way to the top with his hit single SUPER SAIYAN that almost have 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Calycal is from LaFayette Georgia where he grew up he always went to church when he was a little kid by the time he was in middle school he got the name Calycal from a girl who stops him in the hallway after winning a Halloween dance-off ever since then Calvin went by Calycal. In the 10th grade Calycal always wanted to be apart of basketball team he says it’s because he wanted to prove a point to the basketball coach to believe in him cause he’s been trying out for the team ever since 6th grade and got rejected every time so he work hard and got better and he was finally on the team when he was in the 11th grade but Calycal says that he went through a phase of being alone and he wanted others attention so one day he went home went on YouTube and looked up a lil Wayne concert and fell asleep close to the end of the concert he woke back up looking at a video with a another concert that was playing then he paused the video and looked at the tittle: passion 2015 with lecrae so Calycal watched the whole video and that’s the moment when he realized he wanted to be a recording artist so as time pass Calycal told everyone he knew that he wanted to be a recording artist but he believed that nobody believed him so Calycal went to go get a job at Walmart where he was a cart pusher so every two weeks Calycal would save his money so he could buy a studio. Calycal stated that music is a big part of his life, it makes him feel that there is more to life, it’s an escape.

As a year went by Calycal went to B17 studio where he worked on his craft and got better and better Calycal also made the term I AM ENERGY because he wants people to realize that you only have one life follow your goal and make yourself happy create and evolve and make your goals become real NO MATTER WHAT!!!


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