Trent the HOOLiGAN New Album "ALLGASNOBRAKEZ" Moving Quick In the Fast Lane


Trent the HOOLiGAN, a North Carolina-based rapper known for his thoughtful lyrics, aggressive sound, and unapologetic Southern pride, is set to release his second album ALLGASNOBRAKEZ across all major streaming platforms on April 18th, 2023. The highly anticipated release comes three years after Medusa, a 2019 album that secured the young rapper a dedicated fanbase, nearly 60,000 followers on Spotify, and over three million streams on the hit track ‘Bullet.’

ALLGASNOBRAKEZ is expected to take Trent’s experimental sound even further with bolder lyrics, intentional storytelling, and introspective exploration of the rapper’s unique background and journey since the success of Medusa. Unlike other rappers in the contemporary hip-hop scene, Trent is the son of a pastor and was raised alongside seven siblings. Though he was born in Atlanta, Trent’s childhood took him on a whirlwind journey where he moved constantly – notable stops include Orlando, Florida, and Wilmington, North Carolina, where he’s proud to reside currently while making and producing music.

Trent’s flow, speed, and aesthetic style are inspired by the many genres that played on repeat throughout his childhood. His father listened to Country rock and old-school Southern gospel as a pastor, while his mother loved folk and country music. Both parents were avid music collectors, but the influence of his brothers’ taste was especially significant – through him, Trent discovered hip-hop and became entranced with VH1 and similar music channels. The blend of these sounds can be heard throughout Trent’s repertoire, driving the positive message and hopeful themes behind his lyrics. Even as a young child, Trent had a knack for writing and used the medium as a creative outlet. He credits music and writing with keeping him company during his many lonely moves, and he now aims to be that supportive force for his fans.

"God gave me my gift, so I’m trying not to waste it,” Trent remarked during a press junket ahead of the release of ALLGASNOBRAKEZ. “You know – utilizing my gift and trying to impact people in a positive way."

Trent speaks openly throughout his music about adversity and the path to overcoming it but has attracted fans for his humble nature and disciplined feel. Despite misconceptions about his music and judgment surrounding his career as a young rapper from the South, Trent continues to walk his own bold path and remains dedicated to his positive mission. Though he’s not a preacher like his father, he believes his music plays a similar role in the lives of his followers.

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