Unwrap The New Michigan Trap Anthem: 'Out The Wrapper' by ILL WILLA

Meet ILL WILLA, the new artist whose astonishing opening single for the new year, "Out The Wrapper," sets a promising marker for what we can expect from this multifaceted creative force. The Trap beat anthem is rich in the distinct tones of Michigan HipHop and draws on influence from the flow of beat created by a producer - Beats by Sav from Michigan.

The perfectly mixed single is driven by the incessantly catchy, eponymous hook "out the wrapper," which idly ties each song section together.

"Out The Wrapper" was recorded on a hot summer's night at "Loud Pack Studios" on the Northside of Chicago and featured a similarly talented and Michigan-based rapper Louie Ray, who ILL WILLA immediately got on the track after laying down the chorus. The culmination of all these essential elements into one incredible track is "Out The Wrapper," certainly not one to miss out on.

Check out the Our Interview with ILL WILLA below to learn more about him.

What was the hardest part of creating your single 'Out The

The hardest part about creating ‘Out The Rapper’, was trying to figure out which direction I was going to go on the beat basically, just trying to figure out what I will be talking about.
When you were going through picking the right beats for the song, was it an instant decision for you?

Yeah, it was an instant decision as soon as I heard the beat. That’s normally how I pick ‘em; when I hear it, if I can come up with something fast, I know I got me one. 
I see you put a great song together. How many studio sessions did it take for you to accomplish this single?

It only took me one studio session to complete this song. I ended up collaborating with Louie Ray from Flint Michigan, who is a big upcoming rapper from that region.
What would you be doing now if it weren't for your music career?

If I wasn’t doing music, I would have my time and money invested into different business ventures.
How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 

I feel like the Internet has helped the music industry because it exposes more music faster. There are a lot of artists out there that you have access to that don’t have to be signed by a major label, so anyone can make music record it upload and distribute it themself. It gives me more options of artists to listen to because I feel like most mainstream artists signed to major labels make terrible music. It’s really no artistry in music anymore, so for a person like me that loves music, I have more options of people that I can listen to.
What is your favorite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform is called “Got a Check,” produced by Big Chris out of Memphis Tennessee. It’s a really hard song. The production goes crazy on it. I get really good reactions from the audience every time I perform it.

What is the most trouble you've gotten into? 

I just came home in 2020 from a five-year bid for party to the crime of drugs and the time that I had to sit for those five years it helps me shape the way I think and look at things, and I was able to come up with a plan of action for when I came home, and I’ve been executing ever since I hit the streets.

What is the best music advice you've been given?

Building relationships is key in the music industry, and you always want to keep those relationships healthy 
If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I could change anything about the industry, I would change the fact that they just sign anybody and let them release any kind of music. The majority of mainstream artists' projects that get released are so mediocre and lax so much. There needs to be some type of oversight when albums get released, so anything is not getting released, some sort of check and balance for albums. 
Which skills have you gained that help you perform effectively as a musician?

I try to ensure that I always stay professional because many people in this industry lack professionalism, and I know being professional. Looking at this as a business will get me far. 

Who helped you most in your journey?
My manager, T 20, owns MoneySprinters, a record label out of Chicago. He’s been a major influence in my career since the beginning, and even now getting hands-on with my career. The MeMe Agency is a PR firm I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and I’ve learned a lot from them. They work with many industries, big names, and I enjoyed working with them personally. And I can’t forget my team because they also invested time and money into my dreams 

Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?
My Rap Style has not evolved. I still rap about the same things I was rapping about 10 years ago, but my production has evolved. Every beat is a slammer. No Cap.

Name your top 5 songs you think people need to catch up on.
ill Willa - Got A Check
Baby Money - Pyrex
Benny Tha Butcher & J cole - Johnny P's Caddy
Sada Baby - Weezo
Damjonboi - I Remember Dat

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?
Getting to the bag and helping in the next wave of music break through the industry.

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