Cilla Ramos Delivers Sizzling Single "Picante"


Cilla Ramos, a multifaceted musician, is quickly claiming her stardom! In fact, the Latina singer-songwriter striving from Queens, New York, is well-known for her diverse musical style. Her fearless, free-spirited energy is complemented by her assertive yet passionate vocals. Cilla's English-Spanish singles can entice her fans by creating an enthralling experience. She sings in both languages effortlessly over various beat styles, including Reggaeton/Dembow, R&B/Hiphop, and Dance/Pop. Her Latin roots are beautifully blended with New York culture. As a child, Cilla found her passion in music and pursued it. After discovering her natural musical abilities, she began honing her craft and writing her own music! At a young age, her music was inspired by the sounds of R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Latin music. As a result, she has been able to express herself creatively in various genres. Cilla has collaborated on several songs with other talented artists and released her own projects.

Cilla Ramos, who is still a force to be reckoned with, cannot be easily categorized into one specific genre due to her diversity. She brings a new style and flows to each song she releases while maintaining a consistent, authentic vibe and essence, which sets her apart. Her craft is unique, and her imagination is boundless! Overall, this up-and-coming new hitmaker should be noticed.

The trailblazing talent returns to reveal her trendy " Picante " track to warm up the winter! The new sizzling single is one of her most streamed singles, and she's smashing it across all streaming platforms. Keeping the momentum going, Cilla Ramos is planning new releases for the New Year! Make Cilla Ramos one of the artists you should add to your playlist! Stay tuned as we eagerly await her much-anticipated releases! Get familiar with the aspiring artist by pressing play on her hot new hit "Picante." Lastly, let us know what you think!



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