Ross Taxin Finally Drop The Video For His Single “My South African Plug,” hosted by DJ Evil Empire

Hip-Hop Indie Music proudly presents another Atlanta hip-hop classic, the new Ross Taxin single/video “My South African Plug,” hosted by DJ Evil Empire Mixtapes. His recent June release follows this announcement “$1,750” featuring Trap-A-Holics (a.k.a Damn Son Where’d You Find This) which received positive accolades on notable major hip hop blogs across the country internationally. With "$1,750", Ross Taxin secured over 50,000 streams, over 250,000 Apple Music/Spotify streams, & over 20,000 YouTube streams. Gaining 300 YouTube subscribers in under a week! Don’t believe us, google his name!

The song comes after a few months Ross Taxin was released from an 18-month stint at Jackson State Prison on drug possession charges. “My South African Plug” was recorded in February of 2021. Ross didn’t release anything like most of his music until the second half of 2022. During this break, Ross Taxin spent time reinventing himself as an artist and recreating his image. He also wanted to ensure that the right people were going to make sure his music was heard. He says

I wanted to be heard by a broader group of people like label execs, A&R, organic international and domestic fans to diversify my fanbase and reach. I'm hard. Why they playing with me?.

By doing so, he invested over $10,000. In addition, he hired SlightWrks (a digital marketing conglomerate based in Peoria, Arizona), popular Atlanta public relation specialist Tampa Mystic, Georgia-State graduate editor-in-chief Aaron Hypolite, & former Young Money/Cash Money Entertainment social-media manager Jason Pollak. These allocations are putting Ross Taxin on a rocket for success to the top, as he’s providing consistency and a budget to back all the unpredictable-sounding music he’s releasing.

The momentum created from back-to-back new singles has Ross Taxin striving. The Atlanta act’s music and online social media presence enable more breathing room for his online record company, Glynn Street Recordings, which is seeing more cash come in than usual. Starting the label in 2018, while taking a music business course at Full Sail University, Ross Taxin has been able to monetize 100% of his music and the business he created for other artists. Gaining extensive knowledge and connections from his brief college attendance at Full Sail, Ross Taxin can make one call to fulfill any aspect of an aspiring artist’s dreams. Using the same connections for his career, Ross Taxin isn’t selfish in sharing the “sauce” with his rap peers in his community or anybody with a severe budget. “I want to put my city on the map and help people like me come up.”

Watch the Official “My South African Plug (Freestyle)” Music Video

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