OnlyBobbyLee Unleashes New Project!

OnlyBobbyLee, a rising rapper from Kentucky, is kicking off the summer with a bang! OnlyBobbyLee has been honing his craft since elementary school and is ready to become your favorite artist. The Kentucky native is perfecting his lyricism and is here to show you that "Summer Is Ours" with his most recent release!

OnlyBobbyLee’s meteoric rise to fame came about for a number of reasons. Despite being incredibly musically inclined and hip hop-friendly, his music has always had a sense of vulnerability and genuineness that transcended any genre and connected with fans, from the lovestruck tempos to the most seasoned hip-hop heads. His ability to both switch it up on the same record has brought him huge levels of success since the start of his career. 

As many know, one cannot succeed without the support of their village. With that being said, OnlyBobbyLee looks to his brother Astro Ace to light the fire under him to go harder. In terms of instrumentals, his inspiration comes from his best friend, Hendrix Smoke. From the start, he’s connected Lee with the right people and really put the footwork in from the foundation, up!

After gathering great feedback from his previous release, The Summer Is Ours  OnlyBobbyLee returns with its sequel — The Summer Is Ours Vol. 2. As the continuation, he really raised the bar on every level with every rhymer and record! According to the artist himself, “This is the soundtrack to 85 degree weather with the top down. Something sticky rolled with something stout in the passenger seat.” Don’t believe me? Press play here at Hip Hop Indie Music! Lastly, let us know what you think! 

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