Multi-Platinum Singer-Songwriter And Producer Lauv Releases Latest Album: “All 4 Nothing”

The Brand New Album Will Be Available Through All His Platforms Starting

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Multi-faceted California-based artist Lauv released his new album “All 4 Nothing”. The album consists of 13 new singles, and it’s already set to be a success, having had its own moment at a Spotify’s Billboard in the iconic Times Square.

With almost 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Lauv’s latest album will definitely crack that number and more as well. In an open interview with our partnership °1824 Universal Music Group, he stated that for this album, he didn’t filter his true essence for the first time. When in some previous cases, to get record-label-ready, some things were left on the table.

I took a little bit of a more zoomed-out approach, and had these friend producers that brought a new sound and vibe to me. - Lauv
  Throughout his musical art, his mental journey involving past depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders is present all over, as part of his life experience, but in a way that can positively resonate with others that may be going through the same. And that has inspired many people to both express their feelings and fears while feeling they are not alone.

Lauv Releases Latest Album: “All 4  Nothing”

Since Lauv mentioned that the experience of creating this album was similar to the exercise of sitting with stillness and pushing himself through in an unfiltered way, he was asked how he thought that this new angle was expressed and visible in the new album.

Certainly through the lyrics, and even more in the darker songs. Such as Molly in Mexico for instance, where there may be things that I would have filtered out in the past. The only intention behind crafting the lyrics was to directly express what came to my mind. - Lauv

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