RARE Releases Trendy Track Titled, "Hit The Road"

The south is known for breeding some of the hottest talent. With that being said, there's a new rising rhymer booming from Baton Rouge, Louisiana by the name of RARE! In fact, he returns with the fresh release of his trendy track titled, “Hit The Road”. In addition to unveiling the visuals for his latest offering!

At the tender age of 9, RARE relocated to a small rural area an hour away from his hometown of Baton Rouge called Greensburg with his grandmother. In doing so, he discovered his love for music. Growing up, the family would have cookouts and he enjoyed the idea that everyone can put their troubles aside for the next three to four minutes when their favorite music starts playing. As a result, this fueled his musical momentum even more. He decided that from that moment on, he wanted to be the voice and reason for others' fun. He wanted to be that artist that the masses can enjoy and dance to. 


When speaking on the beginning of his artistry, RARE goes on to say: 


 “I knew I always had an ear for music. Listening to artists' music even before they blew up, I knew who they were before everyone else. The most recent artist I can say I put people on was Rod Wave, been listening to him for years before he hit mainstream. No one knew who he was back then but me, my friends and my uncles. I started to think, if I know what good music sounds like, then why not make it myself?”


Until he was shot in October 2020, shortly after the birth of his daughter, RARE had never really taken music seriously. At the time, his music was used more as an outlet than a career. Following the shooting, he realized that life is too short and didn’t want to waste his God-given talent. Since, he immediately began plotting his plan to take over the Rap game and has kick started his career. 


For now, be sure to press play on the visuals for his sizzling new single “Hit The Road”! Lastly, let us know what you think here at Hip Hop Indie Music.

RARE - "Hit The Road" (Official Music Video)


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