Elliot Jr. Releases His Brand New Single, ‘Life’s A Gamble’

The Bristol-based rap artist Elliot Jr. recently dropped a hot new single titled ‘Life’s A Gamble,’ and it is definitely a treat for your ears. Right from the first verse, the lyrics strike a chord of nostalgia and inspiration. As the title suggests, the song is a vivid audio expression of Elliot. Jr.’s journey toward personal growth and his mission to achieve all his ambitions. Life is a rollercoaster ride that goes up and down; it’s a gamble where no one can predict what comes next - Elliot Jr. has perfectly encapsulated these concepts in his thought-provoking lyrics.

The brilliant lyrics that remind us to use our struggles as an inspiration to always power through life and keep grinding on are paired with foot-tapping beats. The breezy, effortlessly melodic beats peppered throughout the rap song popped into Elliot Jr.’s mind when he was hard at work in his studio. As a result, the music video mostly features Elliot Jr. standing in a blazing ring of fire as he vibes to the euphoric beats. This imagery adds a flair of drama to the song and helps viewers visualize every visceral detail as Elliot Jr. delivers a meaningful message veiled by bouncy beats.

Elliot Jr.’s Road To Success
Elliot Jr. Releases His Brand New Single, ‘Life’s A Gamble’

The passionate sparks of music ignited in Elliot Jr. at the ripe young age of nine, when he first started learning to play the drums. From there, the young musical aficionado gravitated toward singing, courtesy of his mother and aunt, who would play music by R&B and hip-hop legends like Usher, Ne-Yo, and Justin Timberlake.

Although Elliot Jr. always knew he had a special gift, watching his mother sing like an angel in the church choir truly gave his voice wings. Once he began singing in the choir, his confidence and determination to succeed grew, and he started frequenting High Road, a studio close to his home. At High Road, Elliot Jr., who was in his teens, mastered his craft and practiced how to mix music with the help of the engineers there.

Fueled by his passion and love for his biggest idols - Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Usher, Michael Jackson, and many more - Elliot Jr. mastered his own style. Drawing inspiration from more recent artists like Drake, 50 Cent, Travis Scott, Future, and Kanye West, he perfected his smooth, slick technique, which is the perfect balance of R&B and rhythmic trap influence. Elliot Jr. appreciates good music and draws inspiration from it, whether it is Adele’s soothing mezzo-soprano style or Travis Scott’s fusion of traditional hip-hop, lo-fi and ambient music.

Check Out ‘Life’s A Gamble’ Now!

From his first steps into the music industry as a producer at age 15, Elliot Jr. built a successful career from the ground up. One thing is for sure Elliot Jr. is someone who will always keep things fresh, trending, and original. He strives to create better music daily, as proven by his latest release, “Life’s A Gamble.”

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