YSB Tril’s Hot New Album, Starstruck 2, Perfectly Displays His Versatility, Range

YSB Tril’s Hot New Album, Starstruck 2

Tae Riley, who is making ripples across the hip-hop industry under the stage name YSB Tril, is a flourishing rapper from the quaint eastern coast town of Clayton, North Carolina. His catchy cadences, vocal prowess, brilliant songwriting capabilities, and effortless flow ensure that his music finds a place in nearly everyone’s music playlist or roster.

YSB, which stands for “Young, Self-Made Boss,” is a motto that can be perceived through the poetic imagery his lyrics paint and the passionate energy his music exudes. His moniker is also an attestation to what he stands for - doing things himself without relying on others, for his failures only make him better than ever.

The young artist already has a robust catalog of songs that display his exceptional vocal ability, fast-paced bars, and surefire hook with clever rhymes. Best known for songs like “Wit Dat” ft. Dripsterr and “Feel It,” which garnered millions of plays on streaming platforms, YSB Tril’s songs will reel you into a magical trance.

His replay-worthy beats also caught the attention of big names in the industry and bagged his 2021 song, “Count Me In,” a spot in the Madden 22 Soundtrack. The soundtrack, which features singles from reputed artists like Jack Harlow, Shenseea, Tripstar, and Moneybagg Yo, was a great feeling. It felt like a full-circle moment for YSB Tril, who had listened to Madden soundtracks since childhood.

YSB Tril grew up listening to a versatile range of artists, from Beyonce and Rihanna to Alicia Keys and the Jonas Brothers. Eventually, Lil Wayne and Eminem inspired him to set foot in and make a difference in the world of rap music.

His dynamic set of influences is reflected in his variety of tracks. While Lil Wayne inspired YSB Tril’s lyrical compositions, artists like Juice WRLD were his driving factor for melodies and experimentation with different beats.

As for his process, YSB Tril likes to pick up vibes and stories from his real-world situations. For example, his single “Do the Most” is a tribute to making it on your own, where he highlights the hardships and triumphs of his life. According to him, he wrote his best songs when he wasn’t expecting them to happen; he goes with the flow and borrows inspiration from his context.

YSB Tril’s hot new album, Starstruck 2, perfectly displays his versatility, range, and maturity in vocal control, beats, and bars. Some of his personal favorites include Loose Screw with YungLiV and Paralyzed with Midwxst, which are undeniably two of the album’s many highlights.

Starstruck 2 showcases YSB Tril’s penchant to pen noteworthy records with a beautiful, emotional range. Compared to his previous songs, this album has subtle hints of genre-bending while maintaining the authenticity his fans love.

His message to his ever-growing fanbase, who are his most prominent source of motivation, is that they can do anything they set their mind to. His dedication to his humble roots and fans is a sign that YSB Tril is primed to become an influential fixture in the music industry, an inspiration to all!

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