Kadillak Drops His First Single “Tic Toc”

Florida-based rapper, Kadillak has just dropped his first single, titled “Tic Toc.” Produced by Pupp, who is known for his work alongside DJ Chipman and Raylo on the viral song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time,” “Tic Toc” adds a new dimension to the confluence of rap and hip-hop.

The explicit lyrics celebrate beauty standards in a cultural context where healthy women are sometimes made to feel ugly. The song takes a conversation piece that has echoed through decades to encourage women to defy the conforms of a so-called ideal beauty model, where women are delicate and skinny.

Kadillak draws parallels between time, dance, and beauty, evident in the chorus, “Wind it up like a clock - Let me watch - Cause I love to see that ass “Tic Toc.” As often portrayed in social media, thicker women get portrayed as an unhealthy body type. But Kadillak’s song encourages women to push back against unrealistic beauty standards that make them feel bad about their bodies by simply dancing to fast-paced, booming beats.

Inspired by the likes of revered rappers like Lil Wayne, Meek Mills, and Lil Baby, the attention-grabbing and catchy tunes of “Tic Toc” are also an apt fit for dance challenges on social media platforms.

More About Kadillak

A novice rapper from Lakeland, Florida, Kadillak began his career trajectory DJing at parties around the state. Then, he incorporated his voice into his sets to mix things up and tap into his talents. His fast, uptempo club tracks and unique lyrics started garnering audiences’ attention, who compared his flow and style to the Miami rapper Trick Daddy.

The Street Science Music Group recognized Kadillak’s immense potential as a thought-provoking artist and talent to mix up the perfect beat. So he signed on with the label and has over 85,000 views on his first track, “Tic Toc,” which he hopes will go viral on social media.

His vision for the future is to be recognized on a global scale. But, of course, he will go worldwide with his memorable lyrics, dance-worthy tunes, and sassy punchlines.

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Kadillak’s first single has a sea of undercurrents that tell a different story and message based on how the audience perceives it. Through his song, he introduces novel notions to the zeitgeist to let loose and embrace your body, no matter how it fits into “ideal” beauty standards.

On the surface, it appears to be a song encouraging women to dance and let loose, but inadvertently, it comments on consent, the wandering male gaze, and popular culture. At its true core, it highlights the issues in body image and beauty standards while creating waves with foot-tapping beats and crisp lyrics.

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