The Brasco Releases Latest Single "Let's Hear it for Me" Ft. Busta Rhymes (Video)

The Brasco is not new to the music industry in hip-hop. He has already held an iconic place in the hearts of music lovers. The artist started his rapping career in Memphis, Tennessee. Then, he shifted to Kansas City to perform as an artist locally. He took this step to collaborate and meet an excellent hip-hop legend named Bone Crusher. They together worked for the single "Punk Bitch". It was part of the third independent album by The Brasco, entitled "Duality."

The Brasco himself explained his music as hip-hop with the essence of the east coast, dirty south styles, west coast, and the rock twist in the beats. His music has attributes and features, including Bone Crusher, John LeCompt, Busta Rhymes, Bizzy Bone, and the Glasses Malone. However, he is better defined as a dirty south rapper due to his singing style.

"Let's Hear it for Me" is the latest single released by The Brasco. This track features the legendary Busta Rhymes and has distinct styles, attitudes, and grove levels. The Brasco music is based on hip-hop aesthetics. 'Let's Hear it for Me' was influenced by the work of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. Beatbusta creatively produced catchy instrumental music for the track. The Brasco is the one-person army because he wrote and mixed and recorded this masterpiece alone.

There is no doubt that "Let's Hear it for Me" achieved iconic status due to its friendly 90s hip-hop theme. It presented the homage to 90s hip hop style by including all the essential qualities of 90s hip hop. Of course, you can get confused about how this track achieved so much popularity, but you need to look for its success closely. The Brasco's unique production skills and hip-hop music talent are the song's only successful reasons.

You can see that he did a perfect job when it came to mastering the track. However, the artist is more concerned about being the best performer in the music industry for the future. We hope he proves his extraordinary skills by releasing new singles and albums this year.

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